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The Perfect Tie Knot for Every Occasion

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

No matter the occasion, wearing a perfectly tailored suit is an art form that men have spent years studying. The shoes, the cut of the pants, the fit of the jacket, and a perfectly paired watch all help bring the look together in a sharp, trim, and proper way. However, as any
bespoke tailor in Philadelphia knows, the one piece of the ensemble that can make or break the entire look comes down to how well you can do one thing — tie your necktie. 

The Impact of Disheveled Tie

While some modern looks have de-emphasized the importance of a tie, there are still many functions that necessitate you to bring out your necktie for the night. However, if you don’t pay close attention to how you tie your tie, you can ruin the whole look. 

There is a chance that the knot is off-center, the length isn’t right, or it simply isn’t as buttoned up as it could be. In such instances, you can bring unwanted attention to your overall fit. However, picking the perfect tie knot for any occasion and being able to tie it to perfection can do wonders for your overall look. 

The Perfect Tie Knot for Weddings 

When it comes to weddings, the formal vibe brings a sense of class to how people dress, and it extends to the knot you choose. Most formal dress shirts feature wide-spread collar dress shirts. With these wide-spread collars, you need to utilize wider and longer neckties to achieve the right length and width knots. For most weddings, a full Windsor knot will provide you with the right combination of formality and fullness to tie the entire look together. 

As men look to pick the perfect knot for their upcoming wedding, the full Windsor knot provides the most formal-looking knot that has dominated weddings and formal events for generations. This type of knot gets its full look from the second wrapping, which is why men should opt for longer and wider ties to achieve that desired look. 

The Perfect Tie Knot for Job Interviews

While a full Windsor knot may appear on the surface to be perfect for job interviews, it may seem too formal for the vibe, depending on the organization you’re meeting with. In these cases, going with a medium spread collar can help bridge the formality gap between tie knots. For these situations, selecting a knot from the Windsor family can give you a similar look without the formality of a Full Windsor. The Half-Windsor Knot can provide you with the right balance you need. 

A Half-Windsor knot done correctly features a symmetrical look and requires less time to make it perfectly so that shorter options can be used. Taller men flock to the Half-Windsor to bring their interview look together and make the best first impression possible. 

The Perfect Tie Knot for Everything Else

Simply because you don’t have a wedding or day in the office coming up doesn’t mean you have to put the suit and tie away. For events like parties, social gatherings, and those slightly less formal events that men attend, breaking out the suit and tie can help you cut a trim and proper silhouette and be the life of the party. 

With these events, the Windsor knots aren’t the ones you should utilize. Opting for an asymmetrical knot for these less formal events can give you the right feel for your upcoming event. 

The less formal four-in-hand knot gives you the right look and feels for your gathering for these kinds of occasions. It’s a smaller knot that pairs well with the less pronounced collar spread of the Windsor family of knots. You may not be attending a wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for going in anything less than your trim and proper best. 

A Custom-Tailored Look From Modern Designers

Whether you’re getting your custom suit set for your wedding or you want to up your general style game, learning how to tie a variety of necktie knots can help ensure you are ready for every style occasion. Getting the perfectly fitted suit and tie combination is made more accessible when you visit the top customer clothier in Philadelphia, Commonwealth Proper. 

Schedule your first fitting with our expertly trained style consultants for men and get started gaining the confidence a sharp, trim, and proper gentleman should have.

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