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Corporate Programs

Commonwealth Proper is not just for the individual. We work with the top companies across the country to bring experiential value and elevate the sartorial level of the organization. We have worked with businesses across diverse industries such as finance, law, real estate, tech, and professional sports teams. If you are interested in working with CMMP with your business or organization, please email While each program is unique, there are a few common formats that we have done in the past:

Hosting Events

Our showrooms are private, well-appointed speak-easies. Among other things, we have hosted corporate gifting and appreciation events, networking nights, product launches, and holiday parties. They provide an intimate and unique location for your next event. Our distinct styling, vibe and aesthetic can elevate your next soiree. We can arrange catering and beverages for the event.


Employee Recognition Programs

Image is important in business. We have worked with companies to develop recognition programs that reward top performing employees with tailored clothing. To implement the programs, we can come to the office or simply have employees visit one of our showrooms to get fitted. Either way, we are committed to making your employees look their very best. Each program is different. We work with company representatives to craft one that fits your needs and budget.


Blazer Program

We work with some of the top private clubs around the country to craft distinct jackets for club members. Taking into account the club’s history, its present day and its future goals, we work with club representatives and designers in order to create the most personalized and meaningful details. These include custom linings and signature styling unique to each club. These jackets serve as a great way to create a sense of belonging and pride with the club. These programs qualify for wholesale pricing.