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Find the Perfect Fit with Our Custom Tailor in Philadelphia, PA

A proper custom fit is more than just what you wear. Partnering with men's tailoring services is an experience to behold. You'll watch the process unfold over your very eyes, a journey that progresses from measurements to alteration to perfection. But you don't get exquisite clothing without an expert tailor by your side. And for that? There's none better than the crew at Commonwealth Proper.
Our custom clothier has made a name for itself in menswear through an unabashed rebel gentleman's point of view – that means looking great in any setting, be it the bar or boardroom. We make unique and timeless clothing through subtle details, a tailored fit, and streamlined but difference-making men's clothing alterations. We do all of this through the following sartorial services:

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If you want to look good, feel good, and be good, Commonwealth Proper has what you need. Our custom clothiers exude luxury and success, setting the tone for your future. Picture your ideal suit by visiting one of our many locations or checking out our gallery of elegant custom tailoring.

Looking for Personalized Tailoring Services? We've Got Custom Suits in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Plenty More Locations

At Commonwealth Proper, we are a modern ensemble of the best tailors, designers, and personal stylists in America working together to make up our unique men’s custom clothing store. As “New School” custom clothiers, we craft amazing custom-made suits, source innovative fabric, design our own jacket lining, and offer in-house bespoke tailoring and our own branded whiskey. Best of all, our tailor shop won't just provide comprehensive suit options and clothing quality to a small selection of men. We help men all over the East Coast upgrade their wardrobe, as we're the custom tailor for Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Pittsburgh, PA, men looking to upgrade from a plain old casual style.

The Bespoke Tailor for All Men

Bespoke clothing is the pinnacle of menswear. That’s because it takes a team of custom tailors to hand-cut a pattern, cut fabric and assemble it – all for the body of one unique client – you.
At Commonwealth Proper, we're the custom tailor in Philadelphia, PA, for men of all shapes, sizes, needs, and desires. Our aim is to provide you with the perfect fit, incorporating expert tailor advice to create the perfect look and feel. We don't just walk the walk. We've taken thousands of men's styles up a notch, so there's nothing we can't help you do.
Our custom tailoring services are unique because we combine modern fabrics and traditional “gold standard” workmanship. We have clothing made from scratch for the contemporary man. There's a reason we value ourselves as the nation's leading provider of custom tailored clothing. Find out for yourself. Reach out to the bespoke tailor for men of all shapes and sizes.

Bespoke Clothing for Any Wedding

Our custom men's clothing store takes inspiration from some of the more timeless pieces ever created to refine how you look for any event. What better way to stand out than with an eloquent wedding suit?

Whether you're heading for the throne or supporting someone you love, there's a ton you need to worry about during a wedding. How you look doesn't have to be one of them. Our custom menswear refines how you look and feel during a wedding with some of the finest fabrics worldwide for any occasion. We can help you find complex designs or stay true to tradition with quality fabrics for a standard black and white suit.
We believe quality should never be compromised, especially when attending a wedding. So count on our custom tailor in Philadelphia, PA, and across the East Coast for sleight of hand, expertise, and service that refines what you think about a men's clothing store.

How Commonwealth Proper’s Custom Menswear Stands Out From the Rest

Think about what matters most in a piece of clothing. The subtle details. The fine printed designs. A specialized fit that creases just how you expect it to. The perfect warmth or airflow to keep your skin at the ideal temperature. If you've had the luxury of quality men's tailoring, you know the difference between luxury and everything else.
Commonwealth Proper brings so much to the table, and that helps separate us from your neighborhood men's tailor shop. Learn more about why getting your custom suits in Atlanta and our other locations help distinguish us from everyone else:

  • Our custom tailors in Philadelphia, PA, and other locations are the premier destination for luxe and opulent fashion, offering a truly incomparable selection of hand-crafted menswear and some of the best custom suits Philadelphia residents have ever got their hands on.
  • Our expert tailors can craft garments that accentuate each customer's form while satisfying their unique style desires – guaranteeing an impeccably tailored outfit every time.
  • Our bespoke men's custom clothing store is designed to create a seamless bridge between fashion and fit, allowing you to seamlessly tailor items from your wardrobe into timeless ensembles that are tailored around the needs of each individual man. No longer will you have to worry about ill-fitting clothing posing an issue when you need them most.
  • Rest assured. You'll be working with bespoke tailors that will assist in choosing distinctive design elements and fabrics that will flatter your individual taste and create custom tailored clothing that fits your aesthetic. With their expert insight, you will leave absolutely certain that the purchased pieces or men's clothing alterations to existing garments are styled to perfection. Our tailors pay exquisite attention to detail for superior quality results that you'll display the minute you walk into any room.

Visit Our Suit Shop or Book Your Suit Fitting Today

A new you is just one stop away. Your wardrobe deserves a makeover, and you're guaranteed to receive one that redefines luxury when you partner with our custom men's clothing tailors. Commonwealth Proper is more than just a suit shop. We're a divine experience that every man should have the opportunity to enjoy.
Visit our custom tailors in Philadelphia, PA, or secure a custom suit in Washington, DC, or our other locations in Atlanta, GA, and Pittsburgh, PA. Or you can book now to reserve your spot online and get one step closer to luxury.
With Commonwealth Proper, you can be sure you will find the perfect fit for any occasion. Get started today and find out how to get the best custom suits in Philadelphia into your closet.