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There's nothing like wearing a custom-made suit. The confidence that comes from being in a garment that was meticulously designed, cut, and sewn to make you look your absolute best is truly a game-changer.
If you're in need of custom-made suits, there's no one like Commonwealth Proper. We’ve helped thousands of men look their best. And once you go with our custom suits, it's pretty damn hard to go back. Trust us, or take a look at what our clients say. There's little doubt that we have the design language, suit customization, and premium bespoke suits to take your wardrobe to levels you never thoughts possible.

We employ and work with the finest suit tailors in the country to produce the best men’s custom men’s suits in Philadelphia, PA, and our showroom locations in Atlanta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, DC. We take pride in creating pieces you will have — and want to wear — for the rest of your life and then hand it down to your kids. Our clothing is “heirloom-quality” and will leave you wondering why you never knew about our custom-made suits before this.

Book an appointment and visit our showrooms for custom suits in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, the Nation's Capital, and our flagship Philadelphia location. Or scroll down to learn more about our custom men's wedding suits, or indulge yourself in the expertise of our men's style consultants. Regardless of where you go, the Commonwealth Proper lifestyle is unmatched. Find out what luxury truly means by getting your own tailored suits today.

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Our Process

It all begins with a consultation at one of our private showrooms, during which our team of Wardrobe Advisors will put together a style profile based on your needs, wants, and tastes. They'll also get you measured up and give you an overview of our many fabric and customization options.

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Our Tailors

All of our custom garments are made in the United States by master tailors who still do things the old-fashioned way. Each brings multiple decades of hard-earned expertise to every piece they make. These guys are the real deal and will make your custom dreams a reality with suit alterations down to the smallest digits.

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Our Fabrics

We do things differently here at Commonwealth Proper. We don't just shove a bunch of fabric books in your face. We curate every single fabric in our showrooms and import fabric from the best mills in the world, including Loro Piana. We’ll also collaborate with tattoo artists and other designers to make a unique custom lining. Want a custom slim-fit suit? It will truly be one-of-a-kind. Whether you're looking for classic, modern, understated, or tastefully bold, we've got you covered. And if we don't have the fabric you want readily in stock, we'll find it for you. That's why our custom men's suits in Philadelphia, PA, are the real deal.

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Bespoke Tailoring for the Finest Custom Menswear 

What does our suit tailor bring to your bespoke suits? Nothing you've ever experienced before. Casual wardrobes will float right out of your mind the moment you step foot in a Commonwealth Proper locale. If you want to be great, you must look great. The minute you throw on a custom tuxedo or one of our custom sports jacket designs, you'll feel how you've always wanted to feel.

Our custom men's formal wear covers every occasion. Choose from the following garments:

  • Custom Tuxedo
  • Custom Suit Jacket
  • Custom Dress Shirt
  • Custom Blazer
  • Custom Fitted Suit
  • Custom Formal Suit
  • Custom Slim-Fit Suit
  • Custom Sports Jacket

We are the pinnacle of sartorial excellence, providing tailor-made suits crafted from sumptuously luxurious fabrics to ensure you make a dashing impression on any occasion. Our bespoke services guarantee a perfect silhouette that perfectly contours your physique and flatters your frame. Your pursuit of perfection should start with our custom men's suits in Philadelphia, PA, and our varied showroom locations. Our suit alterations and suit customization options are exactly what those seeking additional refinement need - ensuring our custom men's formal wear renders you resplendent with magnificence.

Our custom-made suits are tailored to the individual. With expert tailors and long-standing partnerships with some of the best clothing and fabric providers across the globe, our custom clothier will have you looking sharp, trim, and proper. Not convinced? Check out more ways our custom men's suits in Philadelphia, PA, give you an edge with each step:

  • Commonwealth Proper is the pinnacle of style, offering top-quality custom-fitted suits and blazers that guarantee an exquisite look no matter where you're headed. Our bespoke tailoring services ensure you enjoy ultimate comfort levels while effortlessly radiating poise and sophistication. Invest today for tailored suits that perfectly complement your unique aesthetic and style.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, you'll get a custom formal suit or tuxedo crafted with the finest materials available that guarantee a lifetime of pleasure. Our custom men's suits leave Philadelphia, PA, streets wondering how you achieved what you did.
  • If you know who you are, show it through your clothing. Allow your personality to shine through with a wardrobe of our fashionable range of fabrics, colors, and styles. Seamlessly transition from the office boardroom to a black tie event by crafting an individual look tailored to you.

Customize Dress Shirts 

Renowned quality, supreme comfort, and subtle details — these are the pillars of our custom dress shirts. Customizing your dress shirt gives you the freedom to work with a bevy of designs, colors, and patterns — not to mention fabric options and the perfect fit — that other brands’ garments simply can't compare with. We use single-needle construction, mother-of-pearl buttons, and only the finest fabrics in our custom dress shirts. And our expert Wardrobe Advisors will help you select shirts that match custom suits for Atlanta, DC, and Pittsburgh's finest individuals.

Custom Blazers For Any Occasion 

From formal events to romantic soirees, our custom blazer options allow you to elevate any ensemble. Made from the finest fabrics and tailored with your unique measurements in mind, these durable pieces are guaranteed to last and look elegant for years on end, giving each wearer an instantly luxurious edge no matter where they go. So finish every outfit with a wonderfully designed blazer from Commonwealth Proper — you won't regret it.

Suit Alterations Are Just Another Part of How We Create Suit Customization Beyond Imagination

What's a custom suit jacket or fitted suit without some alterations? The best suits are finished off with precision. Each layer. Each edge. Each cuff link and break. Our world-class tailors specialize in customizing suits to fit each individual with immaculate precision. With minor adjustments and major revamping, we guarantee satisfaction with every change. Plus, our exclusive dry cleaning service aids in maintaining the brilliance of your wardrobe staples at all times – a must-have amenity for any man.

Customize Your Dream Suit With Our Bespoke Tailors 

Custom suits deserve a custom experience. You'll get that from Commonwealth Proper. No one crafts custom men's suits in Philadelphia, PA, like ours, especially not with the care and expertise you deserve. There's a reason people stare when you walk into a room wearing one of our suits. They know there's a process behind it, and you'll always be associated with that drive for elegance.

If you want to look your best for any occasion, book an appointment today and secure your custom suits in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Philadelphia, PA. Your dream suit is out there. With our help, it'll go from fantasy to reality.