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Craig and the team exceeded my expectations. My custom suit was delivered today and it fits like a glove. Looking forward to my next.”

Michael A.
Philadelphia, PA

“It’s not just that the clothes are gorgeous. It’s the whole experience. This is fashion pampering at a level I never knew existed. First, I sent my husband to CMMP to upgrade his work wardrobe, and he’s now the best dressed guy in the office – a far (far) step up for him. And then I went myself. Yes, the whiskey was a motivator, but I absolutely love my shirts, and the store and the staff and the style, and honestly the whole package. Shopping (especially online, but even in store) has become so impersonal, and this was a welcome and refreshing respite.

Highly highly highly recommend.”

Elise M.
Manhattan, NY

“These guys are the best – whether you’re going made to measure or off the rack, this is my favorite option in DTLA. Unique fabrics, classic details. Won’t go back to other brands after connecting with Michael.”

Andrew T.
Santa Ana, CA

“Service and style that can’t be beat! Vanessa, Kurt and Craig take the time to take you through the process and make you feel like one of the family. Went in for one suit and ended up getting two and some shirts. Style and options are tailored to the individual making sure each client is trim and proper. I won’t go anywhere else.”

Nicholas G.
Collingswood, NJ

“Kurt, Craig and Vanessa were all wonderful to work with…they were professional, knowledgeable, creative and FUN! This was a very different experience than having suits made in Europe or Asia! I would highly recommend anyone looking for custom clothing in the Philadelphia area to shop at Commonwealth Proper!”

Paul K.
Wayne, PA

“Was referred to CMMP through a few friends, and having never bought a handmade custom suit was slightly skeptical. But from the very first time I walked in the door Craig and Raf made me feel like I had been coming in for years. And now I will say that there are few things better in life than having good whiskey with friends and looking through some of the finest wools and fabrics, all while putting together a truly personal suit that will last a lifetime. Thanks again guys you have a customer for life!”

Elliot H.
Atlanta, GA

“Top of the line. No reason to shop anywhere else, period. Details matter, and you get them all here. Rebels beware, plan on spending and coming back for more. Aaron is my guy; liked him immediately and I don’t like many people. Vanessa and Caroline enhance the experience every time I visit. Get ready to donate your other clothes and make room for your upgrade.”

Michael D.
Philadelphia, PA

“Best suit I’ve ever purchased – their pieces are extremely well crafted and can be uniquely customized in so many ways. I appreciate Michael’s attention to detail and guidance, and the environment is super comfortable every time I come by.”

Kingsley B.
Pittsburgh, PA

“From clothing selection to value, customer service and pricing, CMMP rocks. Expect Vanessa and the Phillie team to exceed expectations because they will, and you’ll look so damn good when they do. Like Arnold said, “I’ll be back.”

Avrim T.
Philadelphia, PA

“Love CMMP, great people and clothes fit perfectly. I have worn some suits for years and they have withstood the test of time. Favorite clothier in ATL!”

Sam A.
Atlanta, GA

“High quality materials and impeccable tailoring. Highly recommend for all suiting & shirting needs. Aaron & team provide an incredible customer experience guiding you to the perfect custom pieces whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or if you’re seeking inspiration based on their expertise. A great place to visit for those seeking high quality garments without the pretense or stuffiness you may find elsewhere.”

Scott C.
Philadelphia, PA

“I have nothing but great things to say about this company and would recommend it to anyone looking for a custom suit! I knew how I wanted the suit to fit but the attention to detail they have there is unreal. Very wide selection of options, fabrics, and colors. I was even able to pick the thread color in or around the buttons. Overall great experience. In the end I left with a custom suit that I love and try to find excuses to wear any chance I get”

Matt D.
Pittsburgh, PA

“Few experiences are as timeless, classic and exceptional as walking into this place for a fitting. Great people, awesome style and killer atmosphere.”

Ben L.
Philadelphia, PA

“CMMP is truly a special place. The clothes are high quality and there is no better feeling than a piece of clothing that was custom made just for you. But more so the experience at CMMP is just awesome. Aaron and his colleagues make you feel comfortable and at home while figuring out your next wardrobe piece. They are knowledgeable about their craft and you can trust you are in good hands when they help you pick out details. Already thinking about what I’ll get next!”

Brett G.
Philadelphia, PA

“Not your father’s tailor, for sure. If Men’s Warehouse is the Captain & Tennille of the fashion world, then CMMP would be the Ramones: sleek, edgy, and ultra stylish. You know you’re in the right place when you’re offered a glass of small-batch whiskey before a fitting. They’ll help you find the right suit and ensure every inch of it is constructed to fit perfectly. Once you get a suit here, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.”

Christian P.
Philadelphia, PA

“It is difficult to explain the difference in the shopping experience between CMMP and other tailors in town without sounding ridiculous, so I will try leave emotion at the door. The entire experience is private, cultured, and tailored in every way. For the last 3 years there has been no pressure exerted upon me, except when steering me away from bad choices, or perhaps imbibing an additional glass of scotch with some of the staff or other clients. As a result, the majority of my wardrobe has been created by CMMP for me, and my wife tells me that I have never looked better. If you are thinking about getting cloths, at all, you should afford yourself the CMMP experience.”

Brad P.
Philadelphia, PA

“My husband and I worked with Vanessa to design a custom 3-piece suit for our wedding that he could wear for years afterword. The experience, fit and design was fantastic, and as a spectator, the bourbon was delicious.”

Kara R.
Philadelphia, PA

“Fantastic shop and excellent bespoke menswear!”

Rory M.
Philadelphia, PA

I’ve had the pleasure of having CMMP commission a couple bespoke pieces and a suit for me. All my experiences have been top notch, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the team’s attention to detail and their ethos of doing what’s right for the customer.

More importantly, these guys are magicians at finding the right fit for you. I no longer think twice about what to put on to impress a date or look my best for special occasions, I just reach out to my CMMP pieces. It’s why I see every dollar I spent as an investment that will last me ages.

Tomas M.
Atlanta, GA