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Since 2008, that’s who we've made clothing for. Men with their own personal style, who demand a tailored fit and unparalleled quality. Men who appreciate subtle details. The hungry young professionals. The established gentlemen.  

If that sounds like you, welcome. You’ve found your people. Your fellow refined roughriders. 

For the past 10 years, we've made all of our clothing in the United States.  And our clothing has made our clients look sharp, trim and proper.  It’ll do the same for you.

We’re based in Philadelphia and call our band of tailors, designers and stylists, "Commonwealth Proper," aka "CMMP." 

So, where does our name come from?


In the 1800s, Philadelphia was the country's garment production and style epicenter.  The term “Commonwealth” pays homage to a group of progressive Philadelphia tailors who founded a labor union to improve working conditions.

Their credo:  “That is the most perfect government in which an injury to one is the concern of all.”  We at CMMP believe in the collective good and our company is run that way.

The term “Proper” denotes our belief that men’s clothing, above all else, should fit properly. You can sacrifice a lot of things related to clothing, but fit is not one of them.

- Craig Arthur von Schroeder & Douglas Martin, Co-founders

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In the Beginning...

We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. Grew up in a small farm town, but were educated in the elite college town next door. We were outsiders then, and we still are today.

We began our professional careers as the prototypical corporate warriors, fighting our way up the ladder. But we felt the pull of something more creative, and - though we didn't realize it then - far more difficult.  

So we jumped ship.

Why Menswear?

It all started with a white shirt. Or rather, a lack thereof.

Doing the 9-5, a white shirt was the uniform, five days a week, 50 weeks a year. But hard as we tried, we couldn’t find one we loved. None of them fit right or were particularly high quality - and none were made in the U.S.

We thought to ourselves, we can - and must - do better.  So down the rabbit hole we went.

It took us far longer than anticipated, but after sourcing the best fabric and tailors, we eventually made the perfect white shirt.  

And from there we thought:  why not take on the rest of our closet?


That was 13 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot since then. We've worked with thousands of clients across three showrooms.

We've come to find that we care about fit and quality more than anyone in the industry. Indeed, a firm commitment to our brand's high standards is what binds us together.

So finding the best designers, tailors and fabric - to deliver exceptional clothing - continues to be a relentless pursuit for us.

That’s why our clients, who now span the globe, keep coming back.

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