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Custom Wedding Suits

Custom Men's Wedding Suits from Commonwealth Proper

As a custom wedding tailor, Commonwealth Proper has fitted grooms the proper way since 2008. We understand that there's plenty to worry about when planning your big day. Looking great shouldn't be one of them. So whether you need a custom tailored wedding suit for yourself, want to get your whole party suited up, or just need some help putting it all together, we're here for you when it matters the most. Throw out all your preconceived notions of "clothes shopping." This is private, experiential tailoring at its best. It's through discussing your needs in a relaxed environment and applying our years of experience that allows us to make you the perfect custom wedding party suits, tuxedos, shirts, ties, and other accessories. From custom groomsmen tuxedos to wedding party suits, Commonwealth Proper has everything you'll need to exude your desired aesthetic. Bring your partner, and we will work as a team to create a custom groom suit that perfectly complements them and your wedding venue.

We offer a variety of customized details for your wedding, including custom ties, pocket squares, lining, and embroidery. It's the subtle and often hidden personal touches that make your outfit distinct and uniquely yours. Of course, we've been doing this for years, so rest assured we will make you look your best on your most important day. From major accessory changes to minor wedding suit alterations, we'll make sure anything we do keeps the big picture in mind — you.

In need of custom suits in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia or Washington, DC? We've got you covered. Or you can check out more about our men's style consultants who combine sleight of hand and skill to create the perfect men's wedding attire. Visit our showrooms and see for yourself what we've got for you. Get your very own custom wedding suits in Philadelphia, PA, or the other locations above and receive a level of tailoring, service, and customizability that exudes excellence, luxury, and personality.

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Custom Wedding Suits in , PA, Handcrafted By the Worlds Finest Wedding Suit Tailor

Our experienced staff of designers, stylists, and tailors will help you build a tailored wedding suit or custom wedding tuxedo that complements your body shape, accentuates your very best features, and meets your taste level. We can create custom suits and shirts for the rest of the wedding party, too. Grab your close friends and loved ones and secure custom suits in Atlanta, GA, and our other locations. Our wedding tailor shop will make sure everyone involved doesn't just look the part but redefines it. Want to know more? We genuinely believe that every wedding should be a sublime affair. Our custom groomsmen suits are created with unparalleled quality and luxuriousness to ensure your special day is graced with nothing but the best. In addition, our tailors provide each wedding party member with meticulous fittings and consultations to guarantee they look impeccably polished on your unforgettable event - not just limited to groomsmen or bridal suits, but any desired wedding suit alteration necessary! As any man knows, the way you look has a direct impact on how you feel. So when your partner walks out, greet them with the best men's wedding attire.

Custom Tuxedos for Men

On your special day, it's essential to make a lasting impression. What better way to do so than with our wedding tuxedo tailor? With our exquisite custom wedding tuxedos for men handcrafted with meticulous artistry and attention to detail, you can create an ensemble that's perfectly tailored just for you. Trust us to outfit you with multiple creative options to create the perfect aesthetic, including customized jackets, trousers, and accessories like ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks — all designed to highlight luxurious stylishness befitting such joyous occasions. Yeah, we’ve got it all. And all it takes to secure your men's wedding tuxedo is a visit to one of our showrooms

Custom Tailoring for Groom and Groomsmen Suits

The love between you and your partner is unique — and your attire should reflect the distinction. From fit to fabric, pattern, breathability, and any other factor that influences what you'll wear and how you'll wear it — with custom groomsmen suits or tuxedos, you AND your party will achieve unparalleled personalization. Our goal is to make you and the men in your party look sharp, trim, and proper on your wedding day.
Our name may start with "common," but we're far from ordinary. We apply that same energy to our custom wedding suits in Philadelphia, PA, and our other locations. Your wedding party deserves to look nothing short of extraordinary on such a memorable day, including all groomsmen. Our unparalleled custom tailoring services will ensure all entourage members are outfitted in impeccably fitting wedding party suits crafted from an assortment of exquisite fabrics and colors for personalized contours. Also available? Alterations and repairs should any adjustments be necessary. So yeah, if you're worried about your party not looking up to standard, a visit to our wedding tailor shop can help.

How to Choose Your Wedding Suit?

Choosing the right custom groom suit can often be as difficult as choosing where to get it. But not with Commonwealth Proper. As the wedding suit tailor for all men, we're here to help you every step of the way. We offer a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles, so you can choose the perfect look for you and your groomsmen.
But enough chit-chat. Sure, there are many options, and the ideal tailored wedding suit is out there somewhere. But how do you narrow them down? Let's get to work.

  • Want to Infuse Your Personality into the Picture? Add a Dash of Color - Color is the perfect way to personalize your men’s wedding suit. A hint of pink, purple, or some other non-traditional color can easily set you apart from the "standard" without removing too much from the overall fit.
  • For the Traditionalist - There's nothing wrong with tradition, and our custom wedding suits in Philadelphia, PA, can help you fit in with tradition with little effort. A simple classic men's wedding tuxedo or black suit can make all the difference. For that? Our wedding suit tailor has you covered.
  • The Boldest Men Always Have a Place - If you've made a name for yourself by standing out from the crowd, you don't have to change on your wedding day. Your partner loves you for it, and we'll help you convey it the way you know. Try out silk textures, patterns, and prints, and enjoy the wedding how YOU want.
  • Not a Suit Guy? No Problem - Look, we get it; suits aren't for everyone. But they can be. With the right alternations and fabrics, men's wedding suits can fit anybody. We'll keep you warm, cool, or comfortable throughout the ceremony.

A Premium Wedding Suit Tailor Has Never Been THIS Easy to Find

Exemplary style and sophistication must adorn the most joyous of occasions — namely weddings. Our custom-made wedding suits and tuxedos will ensure that grooms make a grand entrance, guaranteed to take everyone's breath away.
With our custom-made wedding suits and our team of tailors, you'll find what you're looking for. The variety that characterizes Commonwealth Proper doesn't just stop at what we serve. It also extends into who we serve. Our showroom locales litter the East Coast. In addition to our flagship location in Philadelphia, PA, you can get custom suits in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Pittsburgh, PA.
Our expert nuptial tailors are at the ready, poised to ensure you and your wedding party are flawlessly attired for that most momentous matrimonial occasion. Every detail of our custom men’s suits and tuxedos will be painstakingly attended to by our custom wedding tailor to achieve perfection on the day it matters most - yours! Give Commonwealth Proper a try today. We're here for all men. Securing custom wedding suits in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding locations has never been easier. Visit our showrooms and discover the elegance that'll set the tone for the rest of your life.