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The 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Own

Posted by Craig Schroeder on


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Have you ever stopped and taken inventory of your shoes? No matter what kind you like, there will always be an occasion worthy of a dress shoe. Finding quality shoes isn’t something you can do last minute, so making sure your wardrobe is up to par is a must. But with so many options available, which ones should your wardrobe have? At Commonwealth Proper, we know what a great shoe looks like, so let’s explore the five dress shoes every man should own and what makes them a cut above the rest.

The Oxford — A Timeless Classic

If you haven’t heard of the oxford, you’re missing out. This classic is one of the most well-known — and worn — shoes and is often the one most likely found in a man’s closet. They’re also a very safe and versatile option, so whether you’re looking to pair them with your fitted wedding suits or heading to the office for a lunchtime meeting, you’re guaranteed to look good. Of course, a black oxford is the way to go for most guys, so go ahead and get yourself a solid oxford today.

A Casual Loafer

We move on to the versions that are a bit easier to put on — loafers and monk straps. We’ll start with loafers, the shoe that stands out for their unique look. These simple and versatile options allow you to style your office outfits or set up a more casual look with a pair of jeans. You can wear them regardless of the season, with or without socks, and in a beautiful brown color that compliments nearly every color combination. Explore penny loafers and tassel loafers for a more modern or classic look, depending on the rest of your closet.

Monk Strap

Monk straps aren’t slip-on versions like loafers, but they don’t involve an entire lace-up process, making them one of the more unique selections. Instead, lacing up a monk strap is as simple as flipping and closing the buckle across the top. A double monk strap adds even more flare, and either option pairs exceptionally well with a suit and tie.

Invest in a version with no broguing or cap toes, and try a reddish color to really separate the shoe from your other choices. The versatility and modern styling of a monk strap make this a shoe that every man should have.

Chelsea Boots

If you live in a location in the Northeast where lousy winter weather can throw off any outfit, you know the importance of having quality boots. Chelsea boots are one of the most popular shoe styles for men because they combine a sleek and simple design that protects your ankles in the cold and can be worn with various outfits.

Dress boots like these come in plenty of color options, and the best part is that their unique design extends the number of outfit combinations you can create. So whether you wear them with jeans or dress pants, throw on some Chelsea boots on a rainy or snowy day and take the streets in comfort and style.

A Derby

A derby shoe is a less formal version of an oxford, with an open lacing system that adds more comfort when traveling or other forms of extended use. They are hand polished and burnished, so many different shades of brown exist at the tip and body of the shoe. They’re usually brogued as well, and these little tips add a bit of casual styling that differs from the oxford counterparts. Brown brogue derby shoes are the most popular and versatile shoes you can get, so take the leap and secure yours.

Set the Framework for Every Outfit With Commonwealth Proper

Finding a quality dress shoe isn’t as simple as walking into your local retailer and hoping for the best. Shoes are the framework of your outfits, so make sure you get yours from the team at Commonwealth Proper. As one of the best suit tailors in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, our designers are well-equipped to provide you with quality garments for all occasions. Whether you’re an avid menswear enthusiast or you’re just starting your journey, there’s no reason your closet shouldn’t have a garment from Commonwealth Proper. Book your appointment today!

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