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How to Properly Style Your Scarf This Winter

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

A scarf can be the perfect winter accessory for any gentleman to complete their suit's look. However, finding the right way to incorporate it into your style presents a challenge unto itself. Each scarf gives you the chance to add a statement to your look, whether with an eye-catching pattern, a dash of bright color, or a new way to present your unique style to the world at large.

Deciding how bold you want your scarf to be is focused around circumstances that you need to account for that will determine its overall impact. To wear a scarf means you're ready to take your style game up a notch, and we're here to help you pick the right one with this step-by-step guide.

Decide the Pattern

Patterns aren't for everyone — bold patterns can take away from the suit and completely take over a look. Men have to tread cautiously and have the confidence to pull off a patterned scarf properly. For those bold enough to try, knowing the audience of the event you're going to will help determine your approach.

A loud pattern can help establish your style identity when you step into the office in a creative field. It's the perfect cold-weather addition to your office look and provides a new avenue to express your creativity.

Color Matching at Its Finest

The key to every composed bespoke suit boils down to picking a color scheme and owning it to the fullest extent. You want to select colors that compliment your overall look and style in a way that works with your style intentions and helps you stand out from the crowd. Using a brightly colored scarf with muted suit tones and tie combinations can prove the super stylish spark that your suit needs to be memorable — and all you need is the right scarf around your neck.

Neutral Shades for Business Occasions

Bold colors and patterns aren't always the right fit for your professional settings. For men not in a creative field, bold scarves can send the wrong message and undermine your authority in your office. Selecting neutral colors for your scarf can help you create a professional look that makes a versatile fit in various industries and office settings.

How to Tie a Knot in Your Knit Scarf

Now that you have your scarf style and color picked out, you need to know how to properly style it to make it work in your overall fit. You can utilize different knots to give your newest winter weather accessories a sartorial look to give your suit and scarf combo a memorable fit for the season. Here are some of our favorite ways to tie a scarf.

The Slip Knot

The slip knot offers an easy-to-implement style that will lead your coworkers to admire your style and not give you any weird looks as you walk in. To tie a slip knot, follow these steps:

  • Fold the scarf in half lengthwise, followed by a second fold to form a hoop.
  • Take the long end dangling on your shoulder and put the loose ends through the hoop
  • Tighten the loop as you see fit and enjoy your sharp and cold-busting scarf!

The Wrap-Around

For the gentleman on the go and without the time for any complicated scarf loops you saw on YouTube, the wrap-around has been a scarf staple for generations. Once you drape the scarf around you, wrap the ends around your neck for a warm and comfy fit. Don't want those loose ends dangling in the wind? Tuck them into your suit for a streamlined look.

The Shoulder Toss

More than likely, the one scarf style that people immediately think of when they see a scarf is the shoulder toss, which has been a staple of men's fashion for years. Simple to execute, not the best fit for windy conditions, but excellent for date night and networking functions, the shoulder toss provides men with a stylish and straightforward way to utilize their scarf and create a unique look for their next outing.

The Infinity Loop

Most men choose to style their scarves with utility, fashion, and warmth in mind. Finding the perfect blend of the two has proven difficult for fashion-forward men, but there are options out there that come close. The Infinity involves placing one end lying flat on your shoulder while wrapping the end of the scarf around your neck until you run out of length and then tuck the sides in. This style provides you with a unique look that offers equal amounts of warmth and sartorial flourish.

Perfectly Pair Your Scarves With Our Bespoke Suit

With the help of our expert style consultants for men, you can find the perfect ways to pair your scarf choices with your new custom bespoke suits in Philadelphia. Contact our team to schedule your first consultation and fitting today!

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