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The Best Fabrics for a Wedding Suit

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

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Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life — you should dress accordingly. Picking out the perfect suit for your wedding can become a long process. Gentlemen have to select their preferred suit style, fit, and whether they want a traditional tie or bow tie. Among the most critical decisions they have to make regarding their wedding suit revolves around the type of fabric they choose. 

Picking the best fabric for your big day requires you to consider different factors to ensure you're looking your best while waiting for your partner to walk down the aisle. The seasonal factors, the cut of the suit, color schemes, and the weight of the suit all determine which fabric will best fit your suiting needs. Our men's expert stylists can help you make the best decision for your big day. 

Seasonality Matters

The time of year when you and your partner walk down the aisle plays a vital role in helping you find the perfect men's custom wedding suit. The suit you wear in the middle of the summer will be different from the one you would wear for a winter wedding. Outfitting wedding parties can become an exercise in predicting the changes in the seasons. 

Summer Wedding Fits — Wool

A formal wedding in the height of the summer tends to favor lightweight fabrics for your groom and groomsmen suits. Wool can provide a versatile choice for men looking for a tried and true classic material that can play in various climates. It's light enough to wear in the summer without sweating through your suit but also heavy enough so you won't be freezing in the colder months. 

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton provides enterprising gentlemen with a high-quality wedding suit for your next summer wedding. Cotton suits offer an enhanced degree of comfort and breathability during the summer months. 

A linen suit — derived from the flax plant — also provides you with a breathable fabric for those hot summer days and dancing into the night during the reception. 

Winter Wedding Fits

As long as you aren't going somewhere warm and tropical for your winter wedding, you're going to want a heavier weighted fabric for your wedding suit. Finding a material that combines style and warmth for your winter wedding can prove challenging if you don't have an expert stylist in your corner. 


If you want to go beyond a wool suit, cashmere has proven to be a more luxurious fabric that retains heat better than most wool suits. Cashmere combines unparalleled soft texture, enhanced comfort, and heat retention that can make your winter wedding stand out from the rest. You can also boost its durability by getting a cashmere blend with wool or polyester. It will retain that luxurious texture but will last longer. 


Once reserved for professors getting tenure, tweed has gained traction as premier and styling winter suit fabric. Tweed provides a timeless look for gentlemen looking for their ideal winter wedding fabric. Made from wool and combining three different colored yarns, tweed has stood the stylistic test of time. 

Tweed provides an excellent combination of warmth, thickness, water resistance, and durability to withstand whatever the winter weather can throw your way. Its heaviness can prove troublesome on an unseasonably warm winter day, but it will serve your wedding day well under normal winter conditions. 


Once thought to be reserved solely for lumberjacks and fun flannel Fridays, flannel has proven to be an inspired and stylish fabric choice for your winter wedding. Once considered reserved for more seasoned gentlemen, flannel has made a comeback in winter men's wedding suits to give you that distinct style. 

Softer to the touch than herringbone and tweed, flannel can give your winter wedding a new dimension it would lack otherwise. For those weddings in the dead of winter, flannel can give you the best bang for your cold-weather buck while still providing you with a style upgrade. 

Making the Final Decision

When you shop for a wedding suit, ensuring you get the perfect fit and fabric can help you ensure it's the day to remember what you and your spouse have always wanted. Having a trusted tailor on your side every step of the way can help ensure you and your wedding party are ready for the big day. 

Commonwealth Proper is ready to help the discerning gentleman navigate the world of picking the perfect suit fabric and ensure your wedding fit is the best it can be. Contact our team to schedule your first fitting consultation today!

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