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To Tweed, or Not to Tweed

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

bearded man in a blue tweed tux

To tweed or not to tweed? When choosing an elegant option for any affair, tweed should certainly be under consideration. Synonymous with elegance and luxury, tweed suits may be known as “the professor's fit,” but they can be one of the most sophisticated outfits to create. Before diving deep into the world of tweed, let’s explore the intricacies of tweed and how to maximize your suit to get the look you desire.

What Is Tweed?

Tweed is a highly versatile and functional workwear fabric combined with warmth and moisture resistance without compromising quality and elegance. It’s believed that tweed came from 18th Century Scotland and was a misreading of the term “tweel.” It’s woven from virgin wool and tends to be used in the cooler months due to its warmth and sustainability. The threads are designed in a unique “pattern” that isn’t actually a pattern because the design has no repetitive nature. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind fabric that would elevate the wardrobe of each man it touches.

The Best of Tweed — Why You Need it in Your Closet

Everything you can possibly want from a piece of fabric can be found in tweed. Are you looking for versatility? Tweed is a great choice to wear with various clothing in different locations. The same suit can create a different vibe for multiple occasions. Are you looking for something to keep you warm? Tweed can do that better than any other suit and replicates some of the best outerwear garments you can find. It’s designed to keep you so warm that you can find yourself perfectly comfortable stepping out of the house in tweed without any other layer. Why else do you need tweed? We’ve outlined it below:

  • Tweed is perfect for cold weather but versatile enough to handle the warm months.
  • Split up your tweed pieces however you’d like.
  • Tweed is timeless, so you’ll be investing in a long-term garment that’ll always look good.
  • Tweed might be thick, but it is very comfortable to wear.
  • A versatile option, tweed can work for office events and casual family occasions.

How to Wear Tweed

As versatile and valuable as tweed can be, it’s of no use to anyone if you don’t know how to wear it. Fortunately, finding the perfect tweed outfit for your needs doesn't take much. With some tips and tricks, you’ll be able to pair your tweed suit and separates with trousers, accessories, and shoes that match any occasion.

Tweed in the Summer

Tweed might not be considered a summer outfit, but its perception doesn’t always meet reality. There are lightweight types of tweed that are best utilized in summer, and you can use the suit separates to vary your style with a pair of light-colored chinos or khakis and a cotton shirt.

Tweed in the Winter

Perfect for the cold weather, tweed is best utilized when the outside temperature closely resembles your refrigerator. Its thickness keeps you warm, and its moisture-resistant properties can do a better job than other jackets at keeping you dry. Even a simple tweed scarf can bring enough warmth to keep you comfortable, so don’t be afraid to switch up your style as the weather demands.


A tweed suit makes a great outfit for a wedding, and depending on the groom's outfit, tweed can help you stand out without taking eyes away from the main event. Are you going to a rustic wedding? Tweed is one of the few suit types that match the rustic vibe but also can create an elegance that’s difficult to replicate.

Professional Events

Tweed doesn’t have to only be for special occasions. It can also work for business events or meetings, especially ones that take place in different locations. For people who walk around a ton, tweed will ease your transition to different environments or weather events and won’t leave you in a pool of sweat halfway through the day. A classic tweed suit and an elegant white shirt may be a simple outfit, but it gives you a look that’s anything but basic.

What Do You Wear Under Tweed Jackets

The perfect pairing for a tweed jacket is a plain, casual shirt. You can experiment with colors like white or dark blue or collar type to create a different look based on the texture of your tweed outfit. Tweed will undoubtedly satisfy your need for warmth, but if you need a bit more reinforcement and don’t mind a bit of a smart casual or relaxed look, try a sweatshirt over your collared shirt or a long sleeve polo.

How to Pair Trousers With Tweed Jackets

As part of the versatility of tweed, you can pair your jackets with various types of pants. Choose from formal trousers, denim, corduroy, or chinos, depending on your setting. Less formal occasions are perfect for blending tweed with jeans, while formal trousers and tweet are the go-to office outfit every week. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure that the tweed pants don’t usurp your jacket's colors.

Shoes and Accessories For Your Tweed Outfits

To set apart your outfit, pair tweed with different accessories or shoes. Try adding accessories like brown leather belts or pocket squares. Monochrome ties are also simple but effective pairings for your tweed suit. If you want to add a bit more style, try adding cuff links or handkerchiefs, and make sure your belt matches your shoes.

Speaking of shoes, tweed looks great with derby shoes for a more formal look, or brown chukkas and Chelsea boots if you’re using the suit as your only layer in the winter. In the summer, tweed also looks great in brown or beige boat shoes or loafers to give your feet breathing room without stripping from the casual and relaxed vibe. When in doubt, black dress shoes are an excellent option for darker-colored and more formal tweed suits but don’t feel afraid to lean into the versatility of this beautiful garment.

Find Your Perfect Tweed Combination With Commonwealth Proper

Finding the right combination of clothing to pair with your tweed suit can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, Commonwealth Proper makes it simple and easy to wear what you want and make it look good in the process. Our custom-made suits make Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta residents look and feel great, and we’ll help you design the perfect tweet suit for any occasion. Contact us today or visit our locations to get a glimpse of what a luxury suit truly feels like.

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