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A Well-Dressed Baron Corbin is a Happy Corbin

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The world of World Wrestling Entertainment can be a fickle one for the men and women who put their bodies on the line every week. When it comes to WWE superstars, no one had a more tumultuous year than former King of the Ring and Money in the Bank winner Baron Corbin. After seeing his crown taken from him in a series of matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, Corbin began to see his fortunes worsen and started a downward spiral. 

However, once he struck it big in Las Vegas, Sad Corbin became Happy Corbin, and it was time to start dressing like the refined gentleman that lay beneath the unkempt beard and stained dress shirt that haunted him for months. That’s where Commonwealth Proper came into the picture. 

Going from a King to Sad to Happy Corbin

To get to the place where Happy Corbin could appreciate the finer things in life, he had to go through hell and back at the hands of his fellow competitors and the WWE Universe. Coming back to packed arenas filled with fans, as Sad Corbin was still reeling from losing his beloved crown, he pleaded with the fans and fellow superstars to help fund his lifestyle. However, when those pleas fell upon deaf ears — and a few stunners along the way — he had to take matters into his own hands. 

With WWE’s part of the summer, Summerslam taking place in Las Vegas, Sad Corbin took the last of his money, went to the casino, and turned his life around. Now that he returned to his accustomed lifestyle, it was time to find the custom-tailored suits to complete the transition. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

Happy Corbin found the money; now, he needed the high-quality custom suits to match the new look. Finding a suit that fits his 6’6” and 285 lbs muscled frame can prove challenging with off-the-rack suits. A perfectly fitting suit for a man of his stature requires a tailor with a keen eye for details and experience to deliver perfectly fitted suits befitting Friday Night Smackdown. 

When Corbin came to us with his suiting needs, we worked with him every step of the way to find the right mix of custom shirts, suit fabrics, styles, linings, and the finest details to create the best look for his new outlook. Debuting the new look the first Friday after Summerslam, Happy Corbin has shown his latest look and upbeat personality; he’s back on Smackdown trying to work his way to the top of the industry, looking like the well-dressed and put-together gentleman he is. 

Your Perfectly Tailored Suit is at Commonwealth Proper

To get hand-selected men’s styles from the experts in Philadelphia, you need to know where to go. In Philadelphia, Commonwealth Proper provides an outlet for men looking to take their style game up a few notches. Schedule your first fitting with us and see how Happy Corbin has become the best-dressed Superstar in all of WWE.

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