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Suit Essentials: A Perfectly Paired Watch

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

With the pandemic slowing down and the world opening back up, more occasions to wear your finest suit begin to fill your calendar. From weddings to city date nights and your daily work commute, getting your perfectly tailored suit out of your closet has never felt better. However, your suit isn’t truly complete without paying attention to the finer details, starting with your watch. 

Suits And Watches — A Match Made In Heaven

Suits represent the most accurate representation of your personal style. While you can make sartorial choices with your jacket linings or pick a fabric that no one you know has, one of the most important touches to your perfect suit fit revolves around your watch. It’s you at your stylish best, and you have room to add those subtle touches that set you apart. 

Matching the watch to your suit’s style remains an art form that requires taking everything from suit coloring, watch material, color, and the type of event you’re attending into consideration. Selecting the perfect watch and suit combination requires a keen eye for style and knowing what kind of statement you want to make. 

Timeless Watches For Timeless Silhouettes 

For gentlemen wanting to up their watch game, finding the perfect fit means you find watch brands that stood the test of time and defined men’s fashion. Different styles play well with different suits. With dive watches, aviator’s, field, and dress watches, you have various options that will compliment your custom suit perfectly. 

Matching Your Watch To The Formality Of The Event

Not every event is created equal. Different occasions require different levels of suit. Black tie suits pair best with watches that emphasize simplicity. With these types of events, you don’t want your watch to compete or be overly showy and take away from your formal attire. 

When it comes to business attire, picking a piece that epitomizes a straightforward and classic style. Usually, gold and silver play best with business attire. 

Do Leather Bands Have To Match Your Belt Or Shoes?

When you choose a leather band, deciding what to match it to is an important question. Matching your band to your custom-tailored suit’s belt color helps provide a unifying throughline for your personal style. Black bands go well with black belts and shoes, while brown bands go well with brown shoes. 

Mixing and matching different shades can make sense based on the pieces you have to work with. Medium and darker hues can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique choice that helps set your personal fit apart. 

Give Your Wedding Suit An Upgrade 

As your wedding approaches, wanting to get the perfect custom-made wedding suit to pair with your dream watch is an essential step for the happiest day of your life. With Commonwealth Proper’s help, we help you pick your preferred fabric, give you a made-to-measure suit, and have you feeling confident in yourself as you prepare to walk down the aisle. 

After we create your dream suit, picking the perfect watch to pair with it becomes a breeze. Contact our team to schedule your first visit and get started on the road to getting your ideal suit. 

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