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How to Make Your Cashmere Garment Last a Lifetime

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

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The benefits of cashmere are endless, and there's a reason a beautiful cashmere sweater or scarf is considered a must-have in your winter wardrobe. Its warmth and comfort will always be desirable, and because it's so lightweight, it gives designers and wearers maximum flexibility. But with these garments come a special set of rules to help you keep the quality of cashmere for as long as it can last. Follow these guidelines for your cashmere garment, and you'll step out of the house every day feeling like you did the first time you wore it.

Only Wash When Necessary

We get it. Wearing an elegant garment more than once without washing is a taboo, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Get out of your comfort zone and only wash your cashmere garments when you absolutely need to. If you go out for a few hours without much sweating or strenuous activity, place your sweater back into storage. Washing cycles can ruin the natural fibers and quality of the material. As such, keeping washing cycles to a minimum goes a long way to extending the life of your cashmere.

Keep Hair to a Minimum

You should already be well-groomed, but keeping your hair down around the areas where you wear your cashmere is important. Pilling is the enemy of elegant fabrics, and your hair can cause those unsightly fur balls to pile up all over your garment. Keep your body hair to a minimum and groomed, especially when you're wearing your product, and consider using a lint tape or razor blade to keep the fuzz balls to a minimum.

Wash Cashmere in Cold Water Only — And Don't Use Fabric Softener

Cashmere should only be washed using mild detergent and on a cold, gentle cycle. Any heat will shrink your garment, so keep it away from warm water. Don't be afraid to skip the washing machine either, as hand washing your cashmere is your best bet to keeping the fabrics cleaned and fresh.

While you're at it, skip fabric softeners, too. While they may help your everyday clothing items, it has the opposite effect on cashmere. Cashmere actually gets much softer over time, so the best way to soften the fabric is by extending its lifespan and enjoying the softness of your aged garment.

Don't Read the Labels

Many labels for cashmere will state "dry cleaning only," but whatever you do, do not take your cashmere garments to the dry cleaners. The harsh chemicals and the process is tailor-made to wear down your elegant fabrics. You may have to make an exception if your item is embroidered or has special metals or buttons, in which case it's acceptable to follow the instructions listed.

Let It Air Out

So how do you dry off your cashmere garment? The only safe and stable way is to let the air do its magic. Depending on your product, it can take as much as three days to air it out. Store your cashmere in a dry or shaded area and lay it flat, allowing it to dry. If you have excess water, avoid wringing the garment; instead, you can place a dry towel underneath and roll it up. Sometimes it's suggested that if you absolutely need to wear the item, you can throw it in the dryer for no more than 5 minutes, but we recommend avoiding dryers at all costs.

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