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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom-Tailored Suit?

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

Whether you need a suit for your job, an upcoming wedding, or to elevate your overall style, getting a suit right off the rack can quickly become a minefield. Finding suits that perfectly fit your body type, look stylish, and are made from the finest materials can sometimes be next to impossible. For the gentleman looking to be at their absolute style best for every occasion, a custom-tailored or a fully bespoke suit can provide the style answers you need. 

Exact Measurements Every Time

Selecting a readymade can lead to a baggy fit and multiple trips to a tailor to get it ready for wear. However, when you start the process with a custom-fitted suit from a master tailor in mind, you can ensure that your suits are measured to your exact dimensions and complement your style perfectly. 

With a custom suit, you and your tailor are in control of how the suit fits on you. You no longer have to worry about the fit being too baggy or too tight; how it will look is entirely in your hands from the first fitting to the time you walk out the door. 

Control Over The Fabrics

With an off-the-rack suit, you do not have the widest selection of suit materials available to you. You often face limitations based on the selection available at your store and what they currently have available. Finding the type of fabric that compliments your body, complexion, or any number of other factors can become difficult. 

With the right bespoke or made-to-measure suit, you have total control over the composition of the suit, the internal designs, and the fabric used. It’s a suit that reflects your personality and style in ways that a ready-to-wear suit cannot match. 

Put Your Own Spin On It

Suits have endless possibilities for style flourishes that capture what makes you unique. However, readymade suits lack the breadth of options that a custom suit offers the discerning gentleman. In these cases, style flourishes are typically limited to items like a pocket square, tie bars, socks, and varying shirt and tie combinations. However, custom suits allow for your individuality and inner designer to shine. 

People have certain design sensibilities that reflect different parts of themselves that they wish to have represented in their personal style choices. Partnering with a custom tailor can help those designs become one of the main focal points of your overall aesthetic. 

Know The Price And Quality From The Start

The price of suits is often one of the main stumbling blocks for people looking to invest in one. Not knowing the quality of the materials used and how well it was made can quickly lead to men not wanting to offer up the asking price for their style. However, with a custom-made suit, the transparency from start to finish can help people see the worth of the investment. 

Knowing the quality of the fabrics and their sources, as well as being a part of the process, can help gentlemen understand the quality of their investment in an MTM suit from the start. 

Prioritize Your Time

As you go through the process of picking a new suit for yourself, your time is a precious commodity. When you opt for a readymade suit, finding one that fits your needs can be a long process of going from store to store trying to find the perfect fit. With a custom suit, you don’t have to worry about the drama of going from shop to shop and getting fitted at each one. 

Your bespoke tailoring service can handle getting the measurements the first time and building your new suit to your exact measurements and specifications. You will have a suit that perfectly fits your build, style, and function without having to shop around to different stores and potentially waste much of your precious time. 

At Commonwealth Proper, we offer a full suite of custom-tailored and bespoke suits for our discerning clients. We incorporate the finest fabrics and expert tailoring techniques while allowing you to be an active participant in the tailoring process. Contact us to schedule your first appointment for your custom-tailored clothing today!

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