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Tailored Accessories with Witness Company

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

Tailoring is all about perfecting the fit so that you can feel great in something that is unique to you. Similarly, custom-made jewelry is about crafting unique pieces that reflect the wearer's personality and style, just like a tailored garment. These two disciplines go hand in hand as they both prioritize attention to detail and focus on the craftsmanship that go into creating one of a kind pieces.

To compliment our tailoring, we curated a collection of rings from NYC-based custom jewelry brand, Witness Company. Witness Company's unique designs incorporate a blend of classic and modern elements, resulting in pieces that are both timeless and on-trend. A curated collection of rings can be found in our Ready-to-Wear store and in all of our showrooms.

CMMP: How did Witness Company get into the jewelry world?
WC: I started creating pieces as a side interest in 2012. I was living in Brooklyn at the time and managed to create a decent collection. I decided to see if others would be interested in the work. There was never a singular vision behind the Witness Company brand other than an extension of my own interests and perhaps a reflection of our times - hence the name. The work and brand exist purely out of the support of our community. As long as folks keep enjoying our work we will keep pumping out the best we possibly can. ‘Who we are’ and will always be is rooted in our commitment to the customer, our ability to provide high-quality work, incredible craftsmanship, and excellent service. Value is everything to us.

CMMP: What are some of the inspirations behind the jewelry?
WC: At the time of 2013, I was really into retro 70’s chopper culture creating pieces that fit and reflected that community. Over the past decade, the work has drastically streamlined into a lifestyle brand mixing influences from my own life as well as nods to very classic gentlemanly - dandy - preppy - ivy league - puck references. I like to explore and integrate different styles, motifs, and time periods - it's a bit all over the place. For example, some pieces hit on Greek and Roman motifs but in a very general way. I spend a lot of time researching the Metropolitan Museum jewelry collection. Little by little those shapes and motifs begin to show up in the work. Navajo-inspired jewelry design has been in my mind's eye for a long time - it's only been recently that creating one-of-a-kind pieces using really amazing turquoise stones mined in the US set in high-grade sterling silver has come to light.

CMMP: Each piece seems like such a work of art, what is the process of creating each different one?
WC: Thank you and that is so nice to hear. Often a design or shape will catch my imagination and I will want to bring it into a more contemporary appreciation if that makes sense. The work has always been bold, defiant, and outside the box. Music plays a big part in the process as well. My approach for the past few years has been to simplify everything to the quintessential elements without losing its teeth. The pieces have visceral weight to them, they have a presence. My job as a jewelry designer is not to toot my own horn but to let the beauty of the object enhance and speak to the wearer in a subtle refined way. It is a statement piece that reflects the wearer's deeper intentions and aspirations.

CMMP: Made in the USA is a big part of the CMMP brand and yours as well, what made you want to keep the production here in the US?
WC: At the end of the day, it is about putting the best possible version of yourself into your work and the world. For me, that requires a hands-on approach from a killer team. Not only are we 100% New York made but we are also made to measure - which to me is the only way to ensure quality. Nothing about what we do is quick, cheap, or easy - it is truly a labor of love. When it comes to what we invest in for ourselves, our lives, and others - quality is king. Primarily interested in serving the customer, because it's a relationship between us, them, and the jewelry. It has to work for them for the whole relationship to work. We have never had a return in over ten years and perhaps only a few customers that left unfulfilled. Our record is practically spotless. It’s not so much that it's a US-made, US product, as it is that it's made well and fulfills expectations. I have a relationship with everyone involved. Our world is virtual enough - it's gratifying to have a personal approach when it comes to the things I care about. I'm sure it is the same for you.

CMMP: What's next for the brand? Any new things in the work for you?
WC: Witness Company has for a long time focused on menswear which is great but we keep turning away anyone with a smaller size, which just doesn't suit our mission. As I mentioned before - we are very customer service driven so being able to provide for a growing audience is important to us. As we move forward, opening the brand up for a more inclusive, eclectic, expansive future is really exciting. So we have new pieces coming out this year, there are a few collections developing for 2024, and we have some collaborations in the works as well - all good stuff. Just keep moving forward and doing work that supports a better world and greater consciousness.

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