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The New American Collection: A Made in the USA Partnership with American Woolen

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

When we founded CMMP in 2008 we made a commitment to be “Forever Made in USA.” That promise is woven into every garment as it’s emblazoned on our labels. And while that phrase was true of our garment production, our fabric has traditionally been sourced from Italy, the U.K. and Japan. We are now taking this dedication to made in USA to a new level.

Introducing the "New American Collection" of fabrics in partnership with American Woolen Company (A.W.C.). It's a group of classic wool suiting fabrics for the contemporary man woven right here in the USA. 

Founded in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1899, A.W.C. swiftly grew into the world’s largest wool manufacturer, operating over 60 mills and employing more than 40,000 people.Then synthetics and off-shoring decimated the industry. New England’s wealth of textile expertise was nearly lost amid the relics. But a single mill survived, preserving skill with natural fibers for another day. 

Famed Italian luxury goods producer Loro Piana saved the Stafford site from ruin in 1988. The brand bought the mills and ran them for 26 years, investing considerable resources to maintain the structures, acquire new machinery, and expand capabilities. Loro Piana’s careful stewardship laid the groundwork for something unparalleled in North America today—a state-of-the-art natural fiber mill, weaving both rugged woolens and fine worsteds.

In 2013, Jacob Harrison Long and a group of friends noticed markets shifting back toward sustainable goods. They envisioned a New England brand that could tap remaining local talent to produce natural fiber textiles close to home, further lowering the carbon footprint. They purchased the A.W.C. trademark and then found the company’s new base of operations—a three campus cluster of mills in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. 

To celebrate this partnership, we’re offering 2 Suits from the New American Collection for $2995. Regularly priced at $1950, these core fabrics - solids, stripes and checks - will now be part of our Tailor-Stocked fabric library. This promotional offer is good from July 4 - 16. To view the full collection, make an appointment in one of our showrooms or contact your Wardrobe Advisor. 

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