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Posted by Craig Schroeder on

 The warm weather is upon us and the world is opening up in many places, allowing for pockets of travel. That means outdoor activities, pools and beaches. So you’ll be bearing more skin for the first time in a year. 

If you’re looking to shed some unwanted Covid weight, we have identified top-notch workout facilities in each of our three showroom cities. We interviewed their founders to highlight what makes them unique.


The Lab:




Owner, Aaron Bonser:

We just celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary! Our mission has always been to bridge an unspoken Health IQ gap by delivering sophisticated health and human performance information to our clients, friends, and families on our innovative concierge platform. 

 What makes The Lab unique is our ability to deliver hyper-personal fitness experiences and strategies that help our clients eliminate lifestyle barriers and gain mental and physical confidence. 

 Because there are so many unique circumstances for people trying to get started on a program, it is hard to present a “best” workout for getting back into shape... one training protocol that checks most boxes for people is high intensity interval training (HIIT). The duration is typically short do people can make time for it + it has a lot of variations; from cardio-specific intervals to strength-specific. Regardless of your preference, the goal is to push yourself to near-max effort for short 10-30 seconds bouts with adequate recovery (~90 seconds). 

- a good frame of reference... if you can still speak after an interval, it wasn’t hard enough!

 DM @youneedthelab or contact us @ to chat with us!

Elevate Health:

Co-Founder, Hector Bones:

Our business has been built on relationships since October 2015. We believed there was a better to deliver health, than your big-box gym. elevate Health & Performance is an integrated personal health studio for driven, established professionals who are seeking guidance through movement so they can live the life they want. 

 Being a one-on-one environment, we are able to create a high ROI in their approach to health and fitness. Working with us an investment and commitment you have to make to yourself. The best way to contact us is emailing us at

Visit them at: or call them at (215) 545-6500


Fit 9:

Founder, Jeff Toney:

I started my business back in 2017. After years of owning other fitness studios, I worked to create a concept that was mine and solved all the problems I found with other concepts over the years. 

What makes my gym unique and relevant is that it’s the most efficient full body workout you’ll find that encompasses all nine elements that define the word fitness in four unique types of workout programs for all fitness levels. 

 The full body Fit9 class is guaranteed to get you back in shape. It’s a combination of boxing, running, power, agility, and full body compound movements. “Just be sure to pace yourself.” 

The easiest way to get started is to visit our website at



Owner, Todd Edmunds:

I have been utilizing the CrossFit training methodology since 2009 but ironically a gym in my hometown became available for sale in 2018 and I purchased with two partners.  I believe there is not a more effective manner to develop explosive athletes while also being a great solution to combat the effects of chronic disease. 

Our gym is unique due to the make up of our members. High school and college athletes train alongside folks that are 40 years older! The programming is the same but weights and movements are modified to ensure all folks achieve a similar stimulus!

Find a gym and trainer! It’s so often we hear people tell us that they “want to get in shape first.” If it hasn’t happened yet, you probably don’t have the knowledge to get where you want to be!

Visit them at:



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