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The Laws of The Game | Volume: 9 | Travel Style, Decoded

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

It’s the holiday season, which means lots of travel.
Traveling, as we all have experienced, is a hectic endeavor – delays, early departure times, long lines and uncomfortable seats and interaction with the masses. 
Maintaining one’s sense of personal style while at the same time dressing appropriately to tackle the above parade of horribles can be challenging. 
I’ve tapped my network of Philadelphia-based menswear gurus to provide their best tips on how to travel smart but sharp.

Jacob Hurwitz / American Trench
“In today's world of casual everything, I think a good blazer with a scarf is key for both style and comfort. It will keep you warm on a cold plane and dresses up jeans and sneakers.  I'm not a sweat pants on the plane kind of guy - I think sweat pants are good for the house or the gym only, but I don't believe we are all going to turn back the clock to 1955 and travel in suits anymore. A modern blazer with a subtle plaid, pattern, or texture (wool flannel or donegal tweed) in navy, brown, or grey tones with good scarf can take most outfits from casual to smart.  Lately, I've been wearing a printed scarf in cotton/model from Drakes of london that goes with pretty much anything from casual to business.”

Sabir M. Peele / Men's Style Pro
“All wear shoes that are easy to slip on & off like a pair of loafers, Chelsea boots or your favorite Vans. Getting through security will be a breeze and those kicks are usually way more versatile than a pair of lace-up.”
“Travel with a nice pen & a Moleskin journal/notebook. During a flight or a long train ride, you might come up with your best ideas and writing them down is the sure-fire way to capture that serendipitous magic. Also, if you need to get someone’s number, the art of going old school never hurt anyone.”
“When possible, only pack a carry-on bag. You’ll always know where your wares are and you can avoid the baggage claim lines.”

Aaron Pierce / Gentry + Rose
"When traveling, comfort is key - With modern fabric offerings style and comfort have really bridged the gap. I'm going to highlight two essential garments in my travel wardrobe."
"Dark Indigo Stretch Denim - They offer a great base to build from. There are 2 way and 4 way stretch options - I'm partial to 4 way Japanese stretch with water resistant properties. I usually go with contrast stitching on my dark denim (dark gold), but going with a tonal navy stitch is always a great option."
"Custom Navy Blazer - I'm not going to harp on fabrics here, but not every navy blazer is created equally. My go to is a 1/2 canvas, peak lapel, 1 button, with French facing interior. 100's wrinkle resistant wool, durability is essential. It's my go when traveling for it's comfort and versatility. It's custom, so the fit is uniquely my own - Being able to decide on unique pockets and other details make it the perfect travel piece."

Wale Oyejide / Ikire Jones
"There are a few things that will serve you in any climate. Whether on a trip for business or pleasure, few items will serve you better than a trim navy sportcoat and some plain white high tops that will keep you comfortable on long tourist walks. I've made the mistake of over-dressing. We all have. But it's important to be practical. Travel with less. And leave enough room in your luggage to bring your lady something back home."

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