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The Laws of The Game | Volume: 8 | The New Rules of Summer

Posted by Craig Schroeder on


Part 1 - Casual Attire

 Whether you believe in climate change or not, here’s a fact: Summer is getting hotter – and hotter – and hotter.

What to wear and how to wear it can be tricky, especially as style continues to evolve.

I've come up with some new rules for dressing your best in the summer.

I’ve split them into two parts: Part 1- Casual Attire (below); and Part 2 - Professional Attire (to follow in the coming days).


RULE 1 Consider the Tank Top, carefully

Tanks are basically saying “I don’t give a shit, love me the way I am" (and the ladies, as seen above, loved Rod Stewart).  It’s the same effect as sweatpants in the winter.  In both cases, you might be Richard Gere in American Gigolo.  Then again you might be Homer Simpson.

It’s a slippery slope unless you're on your way to the beach. But it’s hot out everywhere, including the city, and I’ve personally been trying to find appropriate times to wear them.  I’ve even risked them with a blazer.  At the gym it’s your call.  But flex in private before hitting the gym floor, it might not be pretty.   



RULE 2 T-shirts are acceptable when they are the proper color and proportion

Fitted, solid t-shirts are fine for most casual occasions, including dates, bbqs and parties.  Pay attention to the sleeve and shirt length - keep them trim and proportional.  Sleeves should be mid-bicep. The shirt length, front and back, needs to be a few inches below the belt line.  During the day, keep your tees light-colored like light grey or white. Please stay away from sherbet colors like mango or lime (unless you’re trying to fit in at the bar in Margaritaville).  At night, play it safe with grey, navy or black (like Ty Webb above).

 RULE 3 - Long-live the above-the-knee swim trunks

Unless you are a big wave surfer, choose a swim trunk that does not venture below your knee.  Similarly, unless you’re an Olympic diver, avoid the Speedo “mankini” (as seen in our man above).  

The perfect choice for almost every guy is a pair of trim trunks that sit below the waist and have adjustable waist buckles.  Particularly when you choose a solid traditional color or small print – skip the fluorescents. It may be in the 90’s, but it’s not the 1990’s.  Nothing beats Orlebar Brown’s classic trunks (seen above). You’ll look proper, regardless of your height or girth.


RULE 4 Find the right sunglasses

Sunglasses are summer saviors.  They rock because you always look great in summer photos.  And of course, they’re great for hiding hangovers. Don’t wear them in the office, but wear them everywhere else. And, please, please, please:  When the sun goes down, take them off.

It’s easy to get swayed by the latest styles.  But too large looks a little aging uncle or gangster (not gansta – which can be good).  Too small and you look like Mr. Peabody or a truly uncool 15 year-old nerd.  Go classic. Rayban Aviators or Wayfarers never go out of style.  If you’re a little bolder, consider Persol Havanas. At CMMP, we have curated a collection of Oliver Peoples for our clients that we think will stand the test of time.   

Enjoy the fine weather, be casual, but do it properly.  

Next up, Part 2 - Professional Attire.

Here's to an endless summer,

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