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The Best Dressed in the Ring | WWE Superstar, Baron Corbin

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

Whether you see him throwing someone across the ring during a SmackDown event or throwing a steak on the grill on Instagram, Baron Corbin or Happy Corbin, is a man of many talents, and a stylish one as well. You'll see him wearing CMMP in and out of the ring and wearing a custom single breasted suit in a solar fabric in his signature action figure, we sat down with Baron at his last fitting and got to talk to the WWE superstar about his life and his style: 
CMMP: You have a very distinct style in the ring, what is your inspiration when it comes to your style?
Baron: Family is the biggest inspiration for me. Also, I take a lot of inspiration from the old school Latina and Cuban style. You know those old heads who look cool as shit, just as they are, cool and casual, that’s what inspires me. 
CMMP: Your persona of "rich" Baron gives you an excuse to wear a suit into the ring each night, how does CMMP play a part in that persona?
Baron: You have to be rich to be afford quality and functional shit, which make you feel like you can do anything in your suits. When it fits perfectly, it’s fits like a glove and I can wear that or wrestling gear to beat people up. I command attention when I’m dressed in a CMMP suit so people know I do something and don’t fuck around.
CMMP: What's your favorite piece of CMMP clothing that you have in the wardrobe?
Baron: My favorite piece is the gold suit that was made into my very own action figure. I have a bunch of sick pieces so its hard to choose just one, but the burnt orange Loro Piana silk and wool blazer hits so hard.
CMMP: If you had to pick one person to face you in the ring, who would that be?
Baron: Bam Bam Biggalo and the big boss man, it’s hard to choose. Those 2 are legends of the ring and they are the reasons that I am in the ring today.

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