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Supima Design Competition Finalist - Chan Kyoo Hwang

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

A recent graduate of Drexel University and one of our CMMP tailors, Chan Kyoo Hwang, was a finalist in this years Supima Design Competition.  For the competition, Chan created 5 distinct pieces from initial sketches all the way to taking center stage at NYFW earlier this month.  

We had the opportunity to check in with Chan a week before NYFW and talk to him about his inspiration behind his collection and what it was like being asked to show at such a prestigious fashion week.

CMMP: What was your inspiration behind this collection you created for Supima for NYFW?
CHAN: The inspiration behind my collection was a self-reflection of Covid. Combining my experiences of emotion and human interaction, I reflected this into my garment's design as well as the design of the textile. 
CMMP: You got to work with Supima fabrics on this project, what fabrics did you incorporate into your designs?
CHAN: The challenge of the competition was to use Supima textiles, which were fully cotton based. The 5 fabrics given to create the 5 looks were shirting, knit, velveteen, denim, and twill. The fabrics itself were very soft to the touch and were either tightly knit or tightly woven, which is a good thing. The fabrics also took in dye very well because, in my opinion, of the longer consistent fibers of Supima cotton, which yielded highly saturated colors.  
CMMP: Each garment you created is super unique, how long did each piece take you from start to finish?
CHAN: Well, they all took an immense amount of time, but I would say approximately 3 weeks to 2 months. It was more like simultaneously working on all garments throughout July and August to finish the garments in time for NYFW.

CMMP: What is the best thing about showing in NYFW? 
CHAN: The best thing about showing in NYFW is definitely no doubt the exposure. An immense number of social media influencers, people in the industry, and notable people such as Coco Rocha, Cristian Siriano, and Fern Mallis (Founder of NYFW) were there to experience the show. Furthermore, many editorial companies such as i-D France, WWD, The Cut, Daily Front Row, and the Fashion Network are some of the big names that showed up to write about the Supima finalists. 
CMMP: What is next for you in terms of the world of fashion? What would your ultimate goal be in the fashion world?
CHAN: For me, next in fashion, I think I'll slowly make designs for my friends and family, and promote my work on social media. I've always wanted to do ready-to-wear, but I've recently found out about "everyday couture, " which may be a direction I head in. For now, I think it'll be wearable clothes with a twist of 'Chan'. My ultimate goal in the fashion world is to first, make my own successful brand and second, to be a creative director of a fashion house. 

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