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Rogue Shawl Cardigan in Darby Grey


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When we decided to make our first knitwear collection, we all agreed: if we couldn’t make the sweaters as well as our suits, we wouldn’t make them at all.

We scoured the globe, looking for materials and manufacturers that could bring our vision to life. It wasn’t easy, but it never is, nor should it be. And now, we proudly present you with a range that we can truly call peerless.

Is that a big claim? Sure is. But we can back it up. It all starts with Himalayan cashmere, the finest cashmere in the world. Harvested from the underbelly of goats living high in the mountains of Mongolia, the fibres are exceptionally fine — one quarter the diameter of a human hair — and softer than anything we’ve ever felt.

Those fibres are then processed, dyed, and spun into yarn, and that yarn is woven into fabric, all in Scotland by a company that’s been producing world-class woolens for over 120 years.

From there, the fabric is transported to Wales, where our sweaters are made one-at-a-time, on hand-operated knitting machines. Each sweater takes upwards of an entire day to produce, making each a true work of art.

Finished with genuine horn buttons, and boasting a perfect anywhere / anytime fit, these are, simply put, the finest sweaters money can buy.


-Made in Great Britain

-50% cashmere / 50% wool

-Shawl collar

-Two hip pockets

-Custom CMMP buffalo horn buttons

-Slim fit

-Dry clean only


-Fits True to Size - XS (36-38 Chest) S (38-40), M (40-42), L (42-44)

-Model wears a Small

-Model Measurements Chest 38, Height 6'1", weight 165


The Fabric

Himalayan cashmere is the best in the world — people can argue otherwise, but they’d be wrong. Sourced from goats that are only found in the mountains of Mongolia, it offers unparalleled warmth and softness. For our sweaters, we carefully blend Himalayan cashmere with pure Scottish wool to add warmth and durability, without the bulk. The fibres, after being blended and dyed, are spun into yarn, and the yarn is woven into fabric, all in Scotland by one of the world’s premiere cashmere textile makers. Their 120 years of expertise, combined with the finest raw materials on the planet, put our fabrics in a class all their own.

The Construction

There’s no point in sourcing the best materials if you don’t have a factory to match. We searched high and low for the best knitwear factory in the world, and we found it in Wales. The skill and knowhow the craftspeople there bring to every piece is inimitable. They are true artists, every one of them. But art takes time: each of our sweaters takes an entire day to make, between fashioning the individual pieces, carefully handknitting them all together, and then hand-sewing the trims and finishings. While a slow and laborious process, it’s handled with the utmost care and attention to detail by the factory’s staff, who ensure that every step is executed perfectly.