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Crow USA Ivory Bandana




Bandanas have an interesting beginning indeed. According to the Smithsonian, "the European snuff user of the 18th century suffered from an embarrassing problem: Blowing his nose into a white or solid-colored handkerchief left behind dark tobacco stains. He found a stylish solution in India, where textile makers employed a millennium-old tie-dyeing technique called bandhani to create colorful silk and cotton kerchiefs covered in lively patterns. After the Dutch and English East India companies imported these kerchiefs to England, snuff-takers embraced them to make their habit more discreet, and the name was anglicized to “bandana.” 

Bandanas crossed the Atlantic with the early settlers. During colonial times, "bandanas were sometimes printed with maps, as guides for travel. They also made a splash during the Revolutionary War. One bandana from the period featured a likeness of George Washington astride a horse, encircled by a series of cannons and the words, “George Washington, Esq., Foundator and Protector of America’s Liberty and Independency.” Historians suspect that Martha Washington commissioned this cotton bandana, likely made in 1775 or 1776 by Philadelphia textile manufacturer John Hewson." (Smithsonian)

Ours is an off-white (sorry, snuff users...) and black. It has our Common Crow in the middle and "USA" on both sides with four shining suns in the corners, designed by our very own Emily Dowling. 

Made in USA.