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Citizen Coat 2.0 - Olive Plaid



A few years ago we purchased a 1960s U.S. Army surplus work shirt from the 1st Armored Division, nicknamed the "Old Ironsides.” It was the first armored division of the United States' Army to see battle in World War II. We reworked the pattern and details to create our take on the classic utility shirt. 

It's the slightly more casual cousin of our signature Dash Jacket. We designed ours with patch pockets to easily store your accouterments - keys, wallet, phone, etc. This version 2.0 has added secret side pockets. 

We sourced a rugged USA-Made modern olive/black plaid from American Woolen to create this coat. 

Made-to-Order while fabric is in supply. 
Normal production time is 6 weeks but expedited 2-week delivery is available. 

Forever Made in USA.