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All-Weather Topcoat



This coat will keep you warm and dry all winter long. That's because we used revolutionary tech fabric from our partners at Schoeller Textile in Switzerland. 


  • 2-way-stretch
  • breathable
  • water repellent
  • waterproof
  • wind repellent


  • c_change Pine cones open when the outside temperature rises, and close again when the temperature drops. Inspired by nature, the c_change® membrane works on the same principle. It reacts in exactly the same way to ambient conditions. Not only the temperature but also the air and body moisture are taken into consideration. 
  • ecorepel bio - Ducks produce an oily secretion that allows their plumage to repel water. The ecorepel® technology transfers this natural water repellence to textile surfaces.
  • recycled wool

Composition: 39% wool (recycled), 20% viscose, 21% polyester (recycled), 8% polyurethane, 12% polyamide

Certificates: Oeko-Tex®

MADE-TO-ORDER - 6 week delivery time