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Custom Wedding Suits

As custom wedding tailors, we've been fitting grooms the proper way since 2008. We understand that there's plenty to worry about when planning your big day. Looking great shouldn't be one of them. Whether you need a custom-fitted wedding suit for yourself, want to get your whole party suited up, or just need some help putting it all together, we're here for you when it matters the most.

Throw out all your painful, preconceived notions of "clothes shopping." This is private, experiential tailoring at its best. It's through discussing your needs in a relaxed environment and applying our years of experience that we can make you the perfect custom wedding party suits, tuxedos, shirts, ties, and other accessories. Bring your partner, and we will work as a team to create a custom wedding suit that perfectly complements them and your wedding venue.

Whether you're in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or Washington, D.C, rest assured that this is a level of tailoring, service, and advice you've never experienced before.


It all begins with a consultation at one of our private showrooms, during which our team of Wardrobe Advisors will put together a style profile based on your needs, wants and tastes. We’ll discuss colors and themes for the wedding, then walk you through fabric selection and styling details.

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Once your garment has been designed, we’ll then measure you and discuss proper fit. Garments are constructed within 6-8 weeks of ordering. Any alterations are noted during your fitting and applied to your unique pattern that we keep on file.

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All of our custom garments are proudly handmade exclusively in the United States by master tailors who still do things the old fashioned way. Your garment will truly be one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re looking for classic, modern, understated, or tastefully bold, we’ve got you covered.

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Pricing begins at $1495


It’s under a month away from the wedding. Hey, you were busy. We get it. But now the wedding is coming up and you need something to wear, and we can’t allow you to show up to the most important day of your life in a rental. We’ll tailor one of our off-the-rack suits that will still make your future wife swoon. CMMP has got you covered.


Pricing begins at $2,195 per person


Back in the days when Philadelphia was the main purveyor of men’s fashion, bachelor parties were called “Bachelor dinners”. They celebrated the groom, and were bonding events among close friends before a man married. In that same vein, you assemble the troops, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll shut down the store, pour some whiskey and get to work. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have an army of sharply tailored groomsmen.


Pricing begins at $15,000


A fitting blowout for the end of an era. Gentlemen Rebel, getting hitched, bringing his crew together for a night no one will ever forget. A personalised experience that could only be brought to you by CMMP. If you’re imagining strippers and bar hopping, you’ve come to the wrong place. Think front row seats at the big game, steak dinners, top-shelf whiskey and a limo to take you everywhere.


Start at a minimum of four, custom ties ($175) and pocket squares ($85) are a great way to unify your groomsmen.


We stock the finest shirt and suiting fabrics int he world – from England to Italy and beyond. We import directly from top mills like Loro Piana, Aristan and Vitale Barberis.


We’ve pioneered contemporary suit lining design and production. Pick from our in-house library ($295) or design your own that’s unique to the day ($750)


We can put dates, words, and custom designs ($75) on just about anything with our in-house team of tailors and embroidery partners.

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Custom Groom Suits

The love between you and your partner is unique — and your attire should reflect the distinction. From fit to fabric, pattern, breathability, and any other factor that influences what you'll wear and how you'll wear it - with a custom-fitted groom suit, you'll get unparalleled personalization. Our goal is to make you look sharp, trim, and proper on your wedding day.

Custom Wedding Tailor

Our experienced staff of designers, stylists, and tailors, will help you build a custom wedding suit or tuxedo that complements your body shape, accentuates your very best features, and meets your taste level. We can create custom suits and shirts for the rest of the wedding party, too. Our professional men's stylists can ensure all involved don't just look the part but redefine it.

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It's essential to make sure you're dressed to perfection when you're tying the knot. Our custom-made wedding suits and tuxedos are tailored to make grooms stand out with proper style and sophistication. 

In addition to custom wedding suits, we offer custom men's clothing and wardrobe styling services. To learn more about our custom-made wedding suits in our Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, or Washington, D.C. showrooms, reach out to Commonwealth Proper today.

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