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Women's Suiting Event with METAvivor | CMMP DC Showroom

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

We had an absolute blast hosting a group of women at our new Georgetown showroom, where the group enjoyed a private shopping experience, raised money, and brought awareness to Metastatic Breast Cancer and donated towards continued research for METAvivor. The women's group got suited up in CMMP custom suits and shirts and part of the proceeds were donated to METAvivor, a group run by Mallory Day. 

With METAvivor 100% of your donation goes to metastatic (Stage 4) breast cancer research. Stage 4 Breast Cancer is the stage that kills. It overarchingly is the least funded with most research organizations donating 2-3% towards metastatic treatment. At my initial Stage 2 diagnosis in 2021 at 31, I knew that I had a 30% recurrence rate within the first three years, but never did I think that it would happen in this first year, nor that I would be metastatic with lesions on my liver, multiple times over despite ablations and 20+ rounds of chemotherapy. This diagnosis doesn't stop being shocking. It doesn't stop being terrifying and it continues to enrage me because despite everything, I'm luckier than most. My community has supported and validated me since my diagnosis; Chris and I have never been alone. Everything I do now is a conscious choice to both extend my time with my beloved little garden of friends and family. I couldn't be more grateful to Allison Cooke in connecting me with Commonwealth Proper, Craig and Tiara, for our fun-filled and brazenly generous event to benefit Metavivor. Looking forward to more suiting, more health wardrobes and making a difference where it matters. Hugs and self-exams, Mallory

Learn about METAvivor's mission to fund research and provide support to those living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC).

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