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Meet Our Team: Johnny Sewell - CMMP Pittsburgh

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

As we enter into the new year, we wanted to introduce you to our entire CMMP team from our Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta showrooms. We sat down with each member of the team and asked them a few questions about life, CMMP, and menswear. 
We want to introduce you to Johnny Sewell, our Pittsburgh Showroom Manager.
CMMP: What does CMMP mean to you as a brand and how would you define it?
Johnny:  CMMP as a brand to me is innovative and complex which in today's fashion world is hard to find. CMMP is an experience more than anything complimented by our array of one of a kind products. 
CMMP: How did you get your start in the world of menswear or fashion?
Johnny: Fashion for me started at a young age when I began to see how my parents would dress, usually draped in high fashion. My journey into the world of menswear came about in 2014 when I began working at a department store in Nebraska.
CMMP: Who is your favorite designer and why?
Johnny: Kanye West. Ye is a jewel from his music to his designs, his creative space is rich to me. He just had this intuition that he would make waves in the fashion industry long before people got behind him. Today, his designs especially his line of shoes are now outselling Jordan's which really goes to show his true reach and creative genius. 
CMMP: Do you have any favorite things to do outside of work, hobbies, etc.?
Johnny: Photography and videography are two things i'm passionate about  but overall just creating is what I love to do. 
CMMP: Favorite garment you have created for CMMP?
Johnny: It has to be the Citizens Jacket in one of our great denim fabrics.  
CMMP: Thoughts on the future of the brand or menswear in general.
Johnny: The future of menswear is something CMMP already does so well, the use of tech fabrics. I believe the world will continue to transition to a more comfortable style but still remaining true with the traditional concepts of suiting. 
Book an appointment with Johnny today in our Pittsburgh showroom located in the East Liberty neighborhood of the Steel City. 

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