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How to Protect Your Suit From the Elements

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

A suit is not merely an ensemble of fabric and thread. In its truest form, it is a gentleman's armor, a testament to his taste, and a symbol of his stature. Regardless of material type or texture, it becomes critical to safeguard any suit from the relentless onslaught of the elements.

Is there a more painful sight for any man than witnessing the demise of a finely tailored suit by an unexpected downpour? At Commonwealth Proper, we think not. It's why we're here to guide you through the nuances of suit protection and help you stay prepared for the elements each season that risk damaging your impeccable style.

The Rainy Day Conundrum

Rain can be an unforgiving adversary for your beloved suit. But fear not; one simple addition before you leave the house can change this forever. Adding an umbrella to your outfit can provide protection AND style. While it may be simple, a sturdy, full-sized umbrella adds a layer of protection against the rain that can soak your entire outfit. They may be more cumbersome, but their extended coverage will ensure every element of your suit and body stays crisp and clean.

The Winter's Tale of Wool Suits

Winter presents a unique challenge, and believe it or not, the cold weather itself is not the enemy. Instead, the indoor heating that follows is something you should be mindful of. The drastic temperature changes can wreak havoc on your suit's fabric. Our advice? Choose suits made of natural fibers like wool, which are better equipped to handle temperature fluctuations (and keep your body warm as well). Moreover, give your suit ample time to acclimate to the indoor warmth before removing it.

Summer and the Sun

The sun, in all its blazing glory, can be a harsh critic of your suit, especially if you're spending time outdoors in an elegant custom wedding suit or attending frequent outdoor events. Consider investing in a suit crafted from lighter fabrics like cotton or linen to protect your suit from the sun's damaging rays. These materials are breathable and less likely to fade in the sun.

The Humidity Havoc

Humidity is perhaps the most insidious of all elements. It creeps up unnoticed and leaves your suit feeling damp and heavy at the worst possible moments. A good quality garment bag is a foundational aspect of all suits and can keep humidity away. It will protect your suit from moisture while allowing it to breathe.

The Wind's Whims

The wind might seem harmless, but it can cause your suit to ripple and lose its shape. A well-fitted suit is your best defense against the wind's whims, and at Commonwealth Proper, we take great pride in crafting bespoke suits that fit like a second skin, ensuring they stay put even in the face of a gusty adversary. Make sure to get your suit explicitly tailored by our custom men's clothing tailors in Philadelphia to protect your garments from the lasting effects of windy weather.

Let Commonwealth Proper Redefine Your Expectations for Premium Garments

Protecting your suit from the elements is a battle that requires both vigilance and the right tools. But remember a suit, no matter how well-protected, is nothing without the man inside it. So, wear your suit with confidence, and let it be a reflection of the refined, stylish gentleman you are. It's not just about dressing better. It's about being better. Visit Commonwealth Proper and get your custom suits designed today.

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