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Settling the Debate — Belts Vs. Suspenders for Bespoke Suits

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When it comes to a gentleman wearing a bespoke suit, the accessories play an important role in completing your fit. The choice in ties, the material of your suit, and even the colors of your shoes and socks are all essentials of looking like your distinguished self. However, one part of your fit that you may have considered interchangeable comes down to the age-old question — do you wear a belt or opt for suspenders? 

As gentlemen have endured the belts vs. suspenders debate, figuring out the right situations where each makes the most sense can prove difficult. They must know which scenarios would cause a fashion faux pas unbecoming of your tailored bespoke clothing and when they are event appropriate.

Is it strictly a matter of your personal style? How much impact does the event you’re attending have on the decision? These are important questions every gentleman needs to ask before making a decision. 

The Case for Suspenders 

The beauty of bespoke tailoring comes from the master tailors at work creating a custom bespoke garment that perfectly fits your dimensions. The clean silhouette ensures that you look your sartorial best for every occasion. If you decide to wear a leather belt to hold your pants up, you inadvertently cut your suit in half with a visible horizontal line — breaking the illusion. 

Instead of losing some of the uniqueness of a fully bespoke suit, a pair of suspenders can provide you with a clean, unbroken look while still keeping your pants up throughout your day. For more formal occasions like weddings, button or clip-on suspenders provide you with that precise fit that maintains your suit’s vibe. 

When you wear suspenders, you typically have a suit where it’s tailored to your exact measurements. Suspenders don’t work nearly as well with less tailored fits and styles.

The Case for Belts

While belts break the illusion of a completely unbroken fit, they have their advantages. While suspenders remain an excellent choice for weddings and formal occasions, belts work better for networking events where you’re more likely to wear a jacket, sportscoat, or blazer. It’s a slightly less formal occasion but still a professional atmosphere where you need a clean and put-together look to make a good first impression. 

When you choose to wear a belt, you want to pick a color that goes with your outfit,as clashing colors will ruin the look you’re going for. If you’re wearing leather shoes or boots, match your leather belt with those colors — this creates color cohesion throughout your look and makes you look more professional and put together. 

Is It Ever Ok to Wear Belts and Suspenders Together?

Whether you are wearing a black tux or shooting for a business professional look for your networking, trying to wear both a belt and suspenders at the same time does more harm than good. You will look like you’re trying too hard and not like the distinguished gentleman you are. Pick one style or the other and feel your confidence grow as a result. 

Choose Commonwealth Proper as Your Bespoke Service of Choice!

When choosing a bespoke clothier for your formal and business needs, you want a service with a long-standing reputation for superior quality and service. Commonwealth Proper has established ourselves as Philadelphia’s premier custom wedding suit and bespoke tailor and has helped countless gentlemen discover their personal style. 

As the best place to buy a suit in Philadelphia, we’ll help you make the best decision of whether to wear suspenders or a belt and have you ready for your next occasion.

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