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How to Rock a Bow Tie

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

gold bow tie with black shirt and white jacket

Adding a bow tie is something most men know about, but not every man thinks they can pull it off. But you can use that same reality to your advantage. Bow ties are a great accessory when used correctly, and you can indeed draw some eyes at any event if you pair yours with the right outfit. So don’t be afraid to be bold; here’s how to rock a bow tie the way you want.

Ignore the Clip-Ons

Unless you’re going to a middle school dance, avoiding clip-ons is an absolute must. Clip-ons have their place, but those places are few and far between. Instead, get yourself a self-tie bow tie. Donning a bow tie puts you in an entirely different league, but not if you can’t do it the right way. Using a clip-on only diminishes your style, and you’re too worthy to choose the lazy way out. Go all in with a self-tie bow tie, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Find the Right Moment to Pull Out Your Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie always makes a statement, but not every moment needs a statement piece. Unless you’re attending a formal black or white tie event, bow ties are an optional accessory, which can be a good thing. When people see you wearing a bow tie, it can give off a comfortable, confident, and enjoyable vibe. People gravitate towards those with comfort in their appearance, and if done right, bow ties can look stunning. It’s difficult to know when not to wear a bow tie, but in general, you should try to stick to a standard necktie during more somber events. But if you’re looking for a way to add elegance to a wedding suit, pull out a bow tie and watch it impress.

Focus on Finding the Right Balance

Balance. That word applies to many aspects of your outfit, from the type of shoe you wear to the belt you choose and everything in between. It also applies to your bow tie. It’s not as easy as throwing on any color and pattern and excusing it with “it's what I like.” You’ve got to know the right fabric to use, how to match your pattern with the shirt color, and so much more. The general rule of thumb with bow ties is that the bolder your bow tie, the milder your shirt, and vice versa. Try to avoid overlapping statement pieces. A loud bow tie will prop up a traditional outfit, while a simple bow tie can make all the difference in the world for a more complicated set of clothing.

A Couple Ways to Style Your Bow Tie

If you’re truly unsure of how to style your bow tie, expert tailors like the ones at Commonwealth Proper can help show you how. Always trust a professional eye when styling any part of your look, at least until your vision is up to par. But we’ll give you a few ways to style your bow tie that won’t leave you looking out of place:

  • Wear it With a Tux - The James Bond special. Always rock your bow tie with a tux. You can never go wrong with this timeless piece of art.
  • Ditch the Jacket and Throw on Some Suspenders - Tuck in your button-down shirt, pull out some suspenders, and rock your bow tie. This will give you a more casual vibe for your formal-looking outfit.
  • Try Out a Few Patterns - Patterns on a bow tie feel risky, but success isn’t always born in safety. Test out a few colorful patterns and designs to give your formal outfit a more exciting look.
  • Match it With a Pocket Square - Pairing accessories together is a great way to help add a layer to your outfit. Match your bow tie with a pocket square or your cuff links to truly connect your look.

Rock a Bow Tie in Style With Commonwealth Proper

It isn’t always easy to know how to add some aspects to your outfit, which certainly goes for bow ties. And yet, they can make a massive impact on how you look, especially for a man searching to add a unique flare to how he dresses. Get your quality bow ties and other accessories from Commonwealth Proper. We have loads of options for custom men’s clothing in Washington, DC, and our three other locations on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta. If you want to take your look up a notch and rock bow ties, you can't go wrong getting a bit of advice from the experts. Visit our showroom today, pair your bow tie with quality garments, and become the full package you’re destined to be.

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