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Brown Shoes — How to Incorporate Them Into Any Outfit

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

brown shoes with blue pants

Coordinating every aspect of your fit to establish a consistent look and tone represents a challenge for gentlemen everywhere. Bringing your outfit together, from your suit’s lining to your tie, pocket square, socks, and even your shoes, can help you redefine your style and create a proper sartorial fit for every occasion. Finding the appropriate footwear for every event that fits a wide range of styles can prove challenging for most men. 

However, you don’t need a bespoke men’s tailor to tell you that brown shoes can be one of the most versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe. Whether you have a closet full of custom clothing and bespoke suits or your business casual fits at the ready, the right pair of brown shoes can complete your every outfit. 

Making Sense of Social Dress Codes

Different social situations have traditional dress codes that have continued over the years. Certain aspects of these codes have changed over time; however, some commonalities remain. While dress codes for formal events from the 1950s have softened, certain circumstances still conjure up images of specific shoe styles. 

Some men wear only black shoes for weddings, funerals, and formal business events, but brown may make more sense depending on the shade of your suit. However, plenty of instances and times of day may change what constitutes your perfect fit. 

For black-tie events, black shoes remain a must. Additionally, light tan shoes aren’t always the best option for your evening events. A men’s expert stylist can help you pick the perfect shoes to complement your fit and the nature of the next event. 

Shades of Blue and Brown

For your next wedding, if you’re wondering whether you should break out the black or brown shoes, turn to the color of your suit for a crucial hint. Blue suits have become increasingly popular options in both the ready-to-wear and bespoke tailor circles, and brown shoes’ versatility can help you complete your outfit beautifully. Consult your on-hand master tailor about what color works best with your suit before the big day. 

When You Can Wear Brown Shoes With Confidence

Brown shoes offer men a great degree of versatility regarding what materials they can wear them with at different events. Brown shoes pair well with everything, including jeans, twill, corduroy, flannel, and tweed. Different styles of suits and colors play better with brown shoes, as the endless shades of brown offer you a greater degree of customization with your shoe collection. 

Business Suits

Darker business suits pair better with black shoes. However, charcoal and mid-weight gray suits, dark brown, or even cherry provide your look with suitable footwear options. Navy suits of all shades pair well with brown shoes from across the color spectrum, offering gentlemen a variety of customization options to build their perfect fit for any occasion. 

Bold Casual Suits

More casual suits with more daring colors and patterns often pair much better with brown than they do with black footwear. If you’re going with any combination of green, khaki, tan, or off-white suits, ditch the black shoes and stick with the browns. 

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