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Timeless Trends: Men’s Wardrobe Essentials to Help You Look Good This Spring

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

Spring is the time to flex your muscle after those long winter night gym sessions or show your sense of style with fashionable outfits that incorporate bright and bold colors. But deciding what to wear in the spring can be a struggle for many men. Typically, that’s due to a lack of timeless staples in your wardrobe — items you can always rely on to combat any conundrum. So whenever the weather starts to warm up, bring out some of these staple pieces to leave the house in style.

Invest in a Good Pair of Loafers

Loafers aren’t going anywhere. Ever. They represent the perfect blend of relaxation and style that can fit in any man's closet. Dress them up or down with a no-show sock or a longer version. While typical loafers come in black or light brown varieties, you can use spring as an opportunity to switch things up. Try a blue, green, or gray version to add a twist to a traditional look, and wear them with a pair of suit pants or jeans to find a look that you can always rely on.

Invest in Valuable Spring Fabrics

Certain fabrics are meant for certain climates. Winter fabrics are bigger, tougher, and warmer, so you should switch out your wool overcoat to something that lets a bit more air pass through. Change out flannel sports coats to unlined versions or ones with lighter textures. Try breathable button-downs and cotton sweaters instead of knitted sweaters or heavier flannel shirts. And don’t forget to incorporate a ton of linen into your outfits. The premier cooling fabric, linen, adds a casual yet sophisticated look that makes it versatile enough for shorts, pants, suit jackets, and so much more. This fabric is an absolute must for your spring wardrobe.

Comfortable and Versatile Outerwear

Spring may be filled with warmer weather, but not every day is warm. We’re all familiar with those warm afternoons that turn into chilly and breezy nights. But there are a metric ton of ways to cover yourself for the inevitable. Versatile outerwear like Harrington, bomber, or denim jackets can help keep your outfit up without adding to your sweat levels. 

One timeless trend that you can use to fight the changing climate is to layer your clothing. Layering gives your outfits added depth and is just one way for quality garments like overcoats to take your outfit up a few notches in the winter. You may think of ditching layering in the spring, but that's about as bad of an idea as they come. Utilizing it the right way can help you feel comfortable no matter what climate you live in without adding baggage to your outfits. 


Polo shirts will never fail to make a fashion statement — provided you have the right ones. These may be simple products, but that only adds to the appeal. Keep a versatile selection of polo shirts in your wardrobe for all occasions, and make sure to skip those floppy polo’s you see out on the market. Instead, get a solid stretch knit cotton polo with a dress shirt-style collar and take to the streets in style.

Never Forget to Accessorize

Every man must understand this key concept — never fail to accessorize your outfits. Accessories can turn a pair of polos and trousers into a fashion statement. Accessories include anything from quality bow ties that add a colorful twist to watches, rings, year-round cuff links, and lapel pins that add just that extra little touch. But make sure to blend your accessories the right way. Too much in one direction or another can throw off your outfit. But the more you wear them, the more you'll find pieces and combinations that work best. 

Commonwealth Proper Has All Your Spring Essentials

Warm weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Comfortable menswear exists to give you the breathability you need while incorporating looks that represent the man you are. So while you may have to slide away your favorite wool jacket or some of your finest tweed suits, certain options can make you feel like you this spring. Get yours from Commonwealth Proper. With timeless spring essentials in our collection — such as quality bracelets, fragrances, performance polo, and custom clothing — we are here to help. Reinvent your wardrobe today with our custom men’s clothing experts on the East Coast.

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