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Our Fabric Partners: Drago Lanificio in Biella

Posted by Craig Schroeder on

We do things differently here at CMMP.  We don't just shove a bunch of fabric books in your face.  No.  We curate every single fabric that's in our showrooms imported from the best woolen mills in the world. We wanted to highlight some of our fabric partners and showcase some of our curated picks from their collections. 

Founded in 1973 in the town of Biella, home to many of the Italian wool mills, Drago Lanificio is a relative newcomer to the world of fabrics but in a short time they have shown themselves as a pioneer in this industry. Drago is a fully integrated woolen mill that takes the best raw materials to produce more than 1.7 million meters of fabric which is exported to menswear companies worldwide. The values of the Italian tradition are interpreted in a modern and innovative way creating one of a kind fabrics that our clients love. 

A client favorite of the Drago selection has been the Bluefeel bunch, which is a line of fabrics made with Super 140's eco-friendly wool characterized by multifunction and performance. This fabric bunch is a great choice for a custom wedding suit, business suit or even a casual travel suit simply because of its unique fabric properties. The Bluefeel bunch has natural stretch, is stain-resistant, waterproof, crease resistant, UV protection, and is light and breezy. These characteristics make it one of the most versatile fabrics we stock and available in a wide range of colors & patterns. 


If you're looking for a suit that can do just about anything, book an appointment to come check out the Drago Bluefeel collection and see for yourself why this is becoming our top selling fabric bunch. 

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