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XO FINN - 3D Skulls




XO Finn is an artist, illustrator and conspirator. She lives in the East Bay, CA and is a California-native artist. She creates studio portrait photography, digital still life composites, ink illustrations, and film travel photography.

We worked with her to create four distinct lining prints. They're limited edition so when they're gone, they're gone. Purchase and put in a CMMP jacket or one of your own (additional cost). 

How do you approach a new project such as the one with Commonwealth Proper?

XO Finn: For me, I feel that good art requires a crux of understanding, energy, legend, and a little wildness. And time to let it all find its roots. Commonwealth Proper is a very special place - it has its own mythology, flourish, and a balance of patience and imperative; it's important to me to spend time studying and observing the partners in the project and their work - so I can create tapping a similar vein. And, with a little luck and earnest trial and error, the project iterates and mutates as we combine our shared visions.