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"Swoosh & Tie" Custom Sneaker Program



“Swoosh & Tie” Custom Sneaker Program:  Air Jordan 1 - $1,295

Nike’s Air Jordan 1 is widely accepted as the spark that created sneaker culture. It all started with Michael Jordan’s demand for a shoe with the feel of his beloved Converse’s Chuck Taylors, which he wore in college. That required a smaller rubber sole than Nike was currently offering. While first refusing to budge, Nike caved in order to sign the new and future NBA star. The resulting AJ1 in Black/Red, aka the “Bred” colorway, was subsequently banned by the NBA for violating its uniform rules. Jordan, a gentleman rebel in his own right, wore them anyway. The controversy was great for business. The shoes sold out and started a lengthy supply and demand dance that launched the resale market. By 1985, the Jordan 1s were oversaturated and marked down to as low as $20 a pair. The timing was perfect for skateboarders looking for affordable sneakers that were more durable than the canvas shoes they were currently wearing. Thus the AJ1 crossed over to streetwear.

The AJ1 is truly a shoe that speaks to our brand ethos - knowing the rules and breaking the in the name of great style. We therefore had to use it as the basis for a new project. We contacted the Willy Wonka of shoes, Philadelphia-based Garrixon Studios, and decided to work exclusively with the AJ1. Since ties have gone the way of the dodo in the Covid world, we decided to upcycle them as part of our new “Swoosh & Tie” Custom Sneaker Program. 

Here’s how it works:  We procure a brand new AJ1 as a “donor shoe” to use its authentic sole and then completely recreate the upper with your choice of suit fabric, leather and laces and then incorporate your necktie (as the swoosh) into a one-of-a-kind custom shoe. They’re made in Philadelphia in Garrixon’s workshop. Book an appointment and bring in your favorite tie and we’ll turn them into unique sneakers as individual as the rest of your custom wardrobe.