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Stand By Me Lining




Our custom-made jacket linings are one of our unique takes on tailored clothing. Everyone has their own individual style, and this is one subtle way to show it. We will take any suit jacket or sport coat, and we will replace the old lining with one that further defines your style.

We designed this and other linings with Seattle, WA, native, CHEYENNE RANDALL.

“Cheyenne Randall explores the identity of iconic individuals from yesterday and today, Randall blends traditional American tattoo culture with some of history’s most celebrated Pop Icons. His 'Shopped Tattoo' series calls to question the modern obsession with fame and glamor as well as the stigmas surrounding body modification in today’s societies. Using his mastery of photo manipulation, Randall immerses his viewers in a parallel universe. Whether it is surreal landscapes or Randall’s alternative take on familiar faces of Pop Culture, his imagery is widely recognized and celebrated. Randall has just recently showcased his newest works consisting of mixed media pieces as well as his new and most exciting form of photo manipulation to date. Using a new technique Randall pushes his images into the third dimension. Simulating movement in what would otherwise be still images, Randall’s works now dance with a life of their own.” - via Treason Gallery

You can either have us insert the lining for you, or we can send you a cut piece of fabric and you can have your favorite local tailor replace the lining. If you choose to have us switch out the lining, a shipping label will be sent to you. Please allow three weeks to receive your jacket back.