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Shadowfox Pocket Square

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King Richard II of England is believed to have invented the cloth handkerchief, as surviving documents from the time describe him using square pieces of cloth in a manner suspiciously similar to our own. Crafted by hand, right here in our Philadelphia flagship store, our pocket squares are made from 100% cotton fabric from Italy and come in the perfect 10″ x 10″ size. Our take is more appropriate for wiping one’s glasses than one’s nose, and are perfect for dressing up a blazer or suit in lieu of a tie.


-Made in the USA.

-100% textured cotton.

-Hand-cut and -sewn in our Philadelphia Tailor Shop.

-Dry clean only.

The Construction

We maintain a full service tailor workshop in our Philadelphia Showroom.  Our team of master tailors not only make bespoke clothing, they also produce a variety of accessories and other garments, including this one.