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Plaid Suit


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Plaids, or Tartans as they’re known in Scotland, have been around for hundreds of years. While the most popular are red “Royal Stewart” and blue/green “Blackwatch”, our CMMP plaid is our modern take on traditional. Bold and complex, this suit is handmade in USA with a tailored, modern fit. It’s lined with our “The Rons” lining collab with Seattle artist Indian Giver, which depicts Ron Burgundy of Anchorman and Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation.

We sourced one bolt of this limited edition fabric. Only 10 units available.  Made-to-Order.  When fabric sells out, it's out. 



-Black/Red/White Plaid

-100% Wool

-Made in USA


-Canvas interlining

-Peak lapels

-¼” lapel stitching

-Flapless ticket pocket


-Extended point and button waistband front closure

-Side tabs


Made-to-Order. One of our representatives will contact you upon ordering for sizing.