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Olympic Pant - Blue



We’re all settling in with our own "stay at home" clothes. Comfort. Casual. We get it. But not all joggers are made alike. Nope. Not even close. We haven’t been satisfied with anything we’ve seen on the market for quite some time. So we’ve been quietly sourcing the best fabric, best design and details. 

Enter the CMMP “Olympic Pant” - named in honor of the games. We’ve been painstakingly tweaking them for the past three years and now are ready to let them run free. 

They’re made in our Rittenhouse workshop from ultra-durable and exceedingly comfortable “vortex ponti” - a blend of stretch fabrics that will certainly win you a gold medal in chilling this summer. 

We styled them with classic trouser pockets on the hip and besom pockets in the back - functional pockets for all your accoutrements. Because even at home we need storage space. We added a drawstring front and elastic waistband for added comfort. 

Pair the Olympic Pant with a button-down for video calls or a T-shirt for the couch - they’re equally appropriate. They're made-to-order with a two-week delivery.