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Loden Green Hunter Topcoat


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Our Loden Green Hunter is made from “duffle,” a coarse, thick woollen material. The name derives from Duffel, a town in Belgium, where the material originates. Traditional Duffle bags are made from this fabric. During WWI, the British Royal Navy issued a camel color coat with a hood and large toggle buttons so they could be closed while wearing gloves - and the Duffle Coat was born. But we’re not British, so we’ve dispensed with the toggles and hood, streamlined the silhouette and finished it with a vintage silk lining. While trim, it is a more relaxed fit than our Assassins Topcoat. As long as it’s cold out -  wear on top of any outfit.

We sourced one bolt of this limited edition fabric. Only 10 units available.  Made-to-Order (we will contact you on sizing once ordered).  When fabric sells out, it's out. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


-Modern, cropped coat length


-Piped interior seams

-Throat latch

-4-button front clousre

-Center vent

-Angled front pockets

-4-ply duffle wool

-Made in USA


-One of our representatives will reach out for sizing after ordering

-Slightly Oversized

-Model wears a 38

-Model Measurements:

Height 6'0"

Weight 170