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FOUNDATION Suit + Blazer



Men have many financial obligations to navigate like a mortgage, student loans, kids, and travel. But clothing is part of a successful man's professional toolbox. It deserves some thought, time and investment. Men need clothing that’s appropriate, provides versatility and has longevity. These clothes are what we call our Solid Foundation. They’re year-round weight and colors. Solid blues, greys, tans, and black that can be used in all professional settings, always look good and can endure weekly wear.

Once you have an army of solids you can ascend to seasonal purchases of different patterns, colors and fabric weights. Solids don’t clash with patterns, so you can mix and match with confidence. For March, we're offering a Foundation Suit and Blazer package for $2995. The offer is only good while supplies last. Contact your Wardrobe Advisor for more information.