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Henry Hablak - Tattoo




Our custom-made jacket linings are one of our unique takes on tailored clothing. Everyone has their own individual style, and this is one subtle way to show it. We will take any suit jacket or sport coat, and we will replace the old lining with one that further defines your style.

One of our first tattoo-inspired linings was developed with the work of Henry Hablak.

“Henry Hablak is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA at Magic Eye Tattoo. His work blends elements of traditional art from around the world into a unique, signature style influenced by folklore, alchemy, and shamanism.

Rooted in a passion for anthropology and art history, he started his career tattooing in Philadelphia, PA, eventually working at Olde City Tattoo. He further developed his aesthetic through constant learning and traveling around the US and abroad. After observing shared characteristics in the art of early civilizations separated by time and space, Henry came to the conclusion that all humans are wired to artistically express themselves in a similar way. His work explores this connection, drawing on symbols, patterns, and subjects that can be found in art from the Americas, Africa, East Asia, and Mesopotamia. He specializes in a variety of mediums, including ink, colored pencil, and gouache.” - via

You can either have us insert the lining for you, or we can send you a cut piece of fabric and you can have your favorite local tailor replace the lining. If you choose to have us switch out the lining, a shipping label will be sent to you. Please allow three weeks to receive your jacket back.