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Cashmere Beanie



This season we’ve partnered with famed Scottish Cashmere Mill Todd & Duncan (“T&D”). T&D cashmere starts with the hardy, mountain-dwelling goat breed that has adapted to the harsh environments and extreme temperatures of the Gobi Desert in lower Mongolia. To survive, the goats develop thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat.  T&D uses only the finest fiber – the white, downy undercoat that runs from the throat to belly.

This cashmere is brought to Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland, where there’s a vast supply of pure, soft Scottish water that is essential to the feel – and the look – of T&D’s cashmere.

The loch has a vital part in Scotland’s past: the ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the castle there. Today Loch Leven hosts a world-renowned nature reserve. All the water they use, they return to the loch – cleaned to make sure the brown trout, pink-footed geese and 35,000 wintering birds can thrive.

Longevity of cashmere isn’t a given. T&D has refined their traditional techniques over two centuries to create a cashmere yarn that pills less than any other.

We took this cashmere to a Brooklyn, NY (USA) knitting factory to make our incredible beanies. They’ll be sure to keep you warm and comfortable, day and night.

They’re available in Black, Loden (Green), Camel, Light Grey and Navy. We also offer a matching cashmere hoodie.