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Professional Men’s Stylists

Our men’s styling services in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. help level up your personal look. By taking an inventory of your current wardrobe and adding final touches on pieces you already have, our styling consultants for men can help you get the most out of what you own. Styling includes personal shopping, garment advice and consulting on special events. In addition to our men’s styling services, we offer professional styling for weddings, music videos, photoshoots, red carpet events, and other notable occasions. When you need to look your best, we can help

For more information about hand-selected men’s styles that can refine your look, contact Commonwealth Proper’s private personal stylists for men.

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World-Class Men’s Personal Styling

Men’s personal styling goes beyond providing you with a wealth of great clothing options — it involves a hands-on approach to learning about your individual tastes and lifestyle. With a myriad of curated men’s styles to explore, our expert stylists can help guide you to a wardrobe uniquely tailored to you.

Our Style Consultants for Men

While sweeping trends, go-to brands, and generalized advice are all things that men consider when it comes to their wardrobes – the personalized consultation of working one-on-one with a trusted advisor cannot be beaten. Our style consultants for men are here to help you revive your look every step of the way; from helping you determine what to toss, donate, or button up, to providing you with individualized advice on how to maintain the look you wish to achieve. Our men’s expert stylists are here to help maximize your appearance.

Commercial Styling Services

Outside of hand-selected men’s styles, our private personal stylists for men are proud to offer professional styling for weddings, music videos, television appearances, and photoshoots to help you look your best for the camera, runway, or campaign.

Perfecting the Men’s Style Guide: Premier Men’s Styling and Clothing

In addition to style consultants for men, all our locations feature tailors that specialize in the following:

For more information about our men’s styling services in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. book an appointment or give us a call.