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“Bespoke” — What Does It Really Mean?

Posted by Vanessa Collado on

You may have heard of the word “bespoke,” but do you really know what it means? Bespoke is a timeless term often tossed around for suits and elegant clothing. But, when it comes to these pieces, what can you expect when on the lookout for bespoke? How does bespoke compare to made-to-measure and other types of suits? We’ll take a deep dive into everything that encompasses bespoke and what you can expect from this piece of clothing.

Where Does the Word ‘Bespoke” Come From?

Bespoke comes from the term “bespeak,” a verb that translates to “to ask for in advance.” But the verb form is far from commonplace today. Bespoke sounds much more old-fashioned, which is probably part of why it has grown in popularity. As time has advanced, this form of the word now translates to “custom-made” or “individually made” and describes tailor-made and custom men's clothing. Customers discuss what they want their suits to look like and the garment size and shape specifications. A custom tailor then creates the suit based on those measured elements and specific needs.

Customized vs. Bespoke

For many, custom and bespoke clothing are used interchangeably, even though the two have a few critical differences. Custom clothing is often made to order, while bespoke clothing is made by hand. This element adds to the uniqueness of the garment, as it's crafted by human hands and is considered more of an art form. Bespoke gives you insight into every aspect of the design of your garment, from the fabric to the fit, in addition to any final touches to the piece.

The Benefits of Incorporating Bespoke Into Your Wardrobe

Bespoke is more than just a plain suit you can find in a random store at your local mall. There are specific variations that apply to bespoke clothing, and before deciding on whether bespoke is right for you, consider a few of these benefits of bespoke. You’ll be prepared to make the most out of every garment and create custom garments that represent who you are in more ways than one.

Personalized Patterns

Instead of bespoke tailors using standardized and simple patterns for your garment, you’ll receive personalized designs tailored to your desires. This way, you can create the aesthetic you’ve always wanted and feel unique whenever you wear your outfit.

Unlimited Customization

Bespoke is the best option for a one-of-a-kind suit that truly separates you from the crowd. Bespoke clothing provides unlimited opportunities to customize your garments with intricate accessories and details. Use the expertise of tailors to your advantage to find the perfect blend of all available choices.

Plenty of Fabrics

Turning to a quality bespoke suit tailor like Commonwealth Proper exposes you to some of the highest-quality fabrics for your garments. Choose from various elegant options that give you the look and feel of luxury.

Ample Measurements

Instead of the typical fitting process, bespoke garments provide ample measurements to ensure that every angle of your clothing is tailored to your body. You may receive up to 40 body measurements, each working in conjunction with your posture and other unique body traits that help separate bespoke from the rest.

Define Bespoke With Your Own Style — Get High-Quality Bespoke Suits From Commonwealth Proper

Bespoke is often synonymous with high quality, so you don’t want to skimp on securing a garment worthy of the name. The best place to turn to for a piece unique to your body, shape, and style is the experts at Commonwealth Proper. Get bespoke suits in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Atlanta that are custom-tailored to your exact dimensions and specifications. Be prepared to see, feel, and experience the difference in bespoke when you turn to Commonwealth Proper.

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