A tailored suit should make you look & feel good. #fightnight #dieproper #menswear

Hello, again, Pittsburgh. @kimpton @pittsburghpa #dieproper #menswear #pittsburgh #hotelmonaco

Summer Style by Commonwealth Proper featuring our new Gambler Scarf. #dieproper

Once you have a classic black tuxedo in your closet you can start to build a more daring formal ensemble. Pair a plaid blazer like this with your existing black tuxedo pants, bow tie and white shirt and you have an entirely different, yet appropriate formal look. This jacket is bold, of course, but there are many other options that are more toned down. #propertux #formalwear #menswear #dieproper

Dear Philly:

We’ve all made some wardrobe mistakes. And we Philadelphians keep getting called out about it. But there is some truth to the dish.
Do you have dress shirts in the colors of rainbow sherbet flavors above?
If so, that’s a mistake.
Except by the pool or in the circus, we’re not meant to look like a ice cream color wheel.

Let’s make a change.
We are here to help make you look cool and proper.
Give us a call at 267.319.1741. #dieproper #menswear #customshirts #shirts

Our search for the best fabrics took us to Switzerland where we had our new “Tech” fabric produced. For those that like performance garments that are great for travel, look for this label on CMMP products. It pretty much means you never have to worry about issues of the elements, washing, or fit. #cmmptech #techfabric #menswear #dieproper

First look at our new Double-Breasted Unlined Car Coat coming out this fall. #menswear #dieproper #outerwear #philadelphia #madeinusa

Dark Purple 9oz Wool Blazer with Grey Bengal Stripe Shirt and Grey/White Italian Silk Tie by CMMP. #dieproper #menswear

Take the weekend off, we are. #menswear

Ballers need custom suits. This one on The Rock has a few issues: 1) closure in front is too high on the sternum, needs to be lowered so it doesn’t pull at button and bow at chest; 2) collar pulling away from neck, need to tend the lapel/strap to relax it. Don’t love the plaid either, but he’s trying. Full marks for effort. Great TV show. #ballers #properfit