Commonwealth Proper is a full-service, private wardrobe agency with one goal:
we want all of our clients to look sharp, trim, and proper.

That takes a team of people. Designers, stylists, and amazing tailors. We don’t
just make clothes; we help build your own unique style.

We make custom suits, jackets, and shirts. And we’ve applied our custom
knowledge to designing ready-made accessories and outerwear.


It all begins with a consultation at one of our private showrooms. It’s here our team of Wardrobe Agents begin to analyze your particular needs and tastes.


We make all our garments in the United States using the highest quality standards.
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Our tailors ensure that you always look your best. We maintain our clients’ garments, through regular service and repair.


We provide advice and create proprietary Wardrobe Plans for clients as a gratis service.
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Who We Are

Craig Arthur Von Schroeder
Craig Arthur Von Schroeder Founder & CEO
Douglas Martin
Douglas Martin CFO & COO
Meet the Full Team
Aaron Pierce
Aaron Pierce Phila, PA
Vanessa Davoli
Vanessa Davoli Phila, PA
Daniella Pileggi
Daniella Pileggi Phila, PA
Mike Mast
Mike Mast Atlanta, GA
Michael Parente
Michael Parente Pittsburgh, PA

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