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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source fabric?


Our tailors stock a wide assortment of year-round and seasonal fabric. They regularly offer us carded swatches of their inventory. CMMP reviews their inventory and chooses only those swatches that pass muster – only about 20% make the grade. These edited fabrics are our Tailor-Stocked Collection. Since our tailors purchase these fabrics in larger quantities, they offer our clients efficiencies in cost and garment production lead times. Therefore, they make up our opening price tier for both suiting and shirting.

Tailor-Stocked suits begin at $1,950 and shirts begin at $225.


We are always searching for unique, vintage, and limited-run fabric to make one-of-a-kind garments. The hunt takes us from our Philadelphia shop to boutiques in NYC and Los Angeles, across the pond to Paris, London, and beyond. These select fabrics are our Hand-Picked Collection. We display these cuts of fabric on the shelves at our Philadelphia Showroom, like trophies on the wall. Our Hand-Picked fabrics are rare and available in very limited quantities. Therefore they are a bit more expensive and make up our second tier of fabric pricing.

Hand-Picked suits begin at $2,950 and shirts begin at $455.


While all CMMP garments are made in the United States, it’s a simple fact that the best fabrics are woven abroad. We have developed relationships in Italy and the U.K. to import ultra-premium fabric. These mills include Loro Piana (Italy), rightly known as creating the best fabrics in the world, and Harrisons of Edinburgh (Scotland), the premier maker of traditional British suiting fabrics. Since these fabrics have been mill-sourced from abroad, are of the highest quality, and are available only in limited quantities, we use them to make our most luxurious garments. Therefore, they make up our third tier of pricing.

Mill-Sourced suits begin at $3,150 and shirts begin at $495.

How long does the process take to get custom clothing?

Six weeks for Suits. Four weeks for Shirts. We can, within reason, grease the wheels of commerce to accommodate rushes. Mill-sourced (imported) or hand-picked (vintage/dead stock) fabric may take longer depending on the individual client needs.

How long will my appointment last?

You should plan for about an hour for your first appointment.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

We will discuss your needs, taste, timeframe, and budget. From there, we will walk you through fabric selection and styling details. We will then measure you and discuss fit preferences. You will then be contacted when your garment construction is initially complete for your first fitting. At the first fitting, we will confirm fit and make any finishing touches necessary.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We strongly encourage you to make an appointment so that we can provide proper service and attention. You can, however, drop in during open hours, but you may have to wait for other clients to finish.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. A minimum of 50% of the full price is due at the initial appointment and balance is due upon completion.

Do I have to be measured every time I want to place an order?

No. Once we have your confirmed measurements and fit preferences on file, you can order remotely. We often send clients images or actual swatches to confirm fabric from afar.

Only By Appointment